League of Legends Star Faker Re-Signs With T1 Till 2025 – IGN Compete Fix

In today’s Compete Fix, League of Legends pro star signs with T1 again for three years, Apex Legends Global Series tournament is plagued with bugs, and KONAMI reveals their new eFootball Esports tournament. Stella Chung has all the details in this Compete Fix!


Happy Tuesday everyone I hope you all Had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend I'm Stella Chung and in today's compete fix We have news on Faker signing a Three-year contract with T1 Apex Legends Bugs affecting Apex Legends Global Series continuously and Konami creating An e-football Esports team we've got a Lot to cover so let's get right into it After worlds this year there were rumors That Faker was considering options in Other regions including the LCS Faker has been with T1 since 2013 where He won his first World's title and would Go on to win 2015 and 2016's World Titles while T1 lost worlds to DRX after A nail-biting but thrilling 5 series Baker didn't fail to Showcase why he's One of the best players in League Following this year's run for worlds Faker signed with T1 for another Three-year contract and to pursue the 2023 title next year Despite getting interest from Team Liquid and flyquest and wanting to sign Faker he's moved forward in investing a Future with T1 and staying with the lck T1's roster will remain the same as this Year with Zeus Warner kumayusi and kiria Good luck to the returning T1 team and We hope to see you make it to Worlds Next year speaking of other major Tournaments Apex Legends Global series Pro league has been facing some not so

Ideal situations While the team's competing in ALG has Been fantastic to watch the actual core Game has been criticized for the bugs That have been more than noticeable in Matches dark zero the winners of the 2022 algs Championship were Valkyrie Ulting on the map storm point when they Were shot down and then subsequently Teleported to a random location on the Map outside of the circle Bogdan unable To move or heal dark zero was eliminated At eighth place in the match This bug continued several times but not To that same degree and not to the same Team These Clan came across the bug where the HUD disappears and slurppg was unable to See his inventory or see any major Details in the game with these major Bugs being highlighted recently Pros Have been calling for some action to be Taken to stabilize the game for the sake Of competitive integrity Respawn has not said anything yet but We'll keep you updated on when or if They do in some unexpected news Konami Has unveiled the Kappa e football Italia Tournament this tournament focuses on Fan focused Esports competition Featuring seven Italian football teams This will also incorporate the E-football partner clubs youth players And professional players with their fans

The seven clubs featured our AC Milan AC Monza as Roma at Atlanta BC FC International Milano SS Lazio and SSC Napoli The qualifications for selection for the Club's representative squads will take Place in stages between December 2022 And April 2023. the Kappa e football Italia will have an offline Grand finals Weekend at Napoli Comic-Con on the last Weekend of April 2023. Kappa e football Italia will be Documented through their YouTube channel With analysis and highlight videos so be Sure to stay tuned there if you're Interested That's all your Esports news for this Week how do you feel about fakers Signing with T1 also how cool would it Have been to see him in the LCS also if You're watching algs how do you feel About the state of Apex let us know I'm Stella Chung and now that you're all Caught up on the news be sure to tune Back in next Monday to continue to stay Up to date on all of your Esports news See you then

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