Last Resort – Exclusive Trailer (2022) Jon Foo, Clayton Norcross

Powered by breathtaking choreography, Last Resort tells the story of a former special forces soldier(played by Rush Hour and Tekken’s Jon Foo)  who becomes a one-man army when his wife and daughter are taken hostage during a bank robbery. The film is in theaters January 6, 2023, and digital/ on-demand January 10, 2023, via Well Go Entertainment and Saban Films.

[Music] Everybody's on the ground Listen up if you don't cooperate you Will die What do you want [Music] My dad is gonna come get me and you're Gonna be in trouble he's a soldier [Music] I'm coming from my wife and kid You don't belong here my family's inside Don't try anything stupid it's too Dangerous We got a gang of very well armed robbers We need to stop them from spreading all Over the city if it gets out of here it Will be hell You won't be able to stop us What is going on What is he doing here Foreign [Music] [Music]

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