Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Travels to India – Season 2 Trailer (2023) Jack Black, Rita Ora

Pursuit of the villainous weasels Klaus (Chris Geere) and Veruca (Della Saba) and the powerful Tianshiang weapons has Po (Jack Black) venture outside of China for the first time with a motley crew of warriors, including the fierce Wandering Blade (Rita Ora), the slippery Rukhmini (Rahnuma Panthaky), and loyal Mr. Ping (James Hong). From a museum heist in India to a volcanic eruption in Central America, the heroes face danger at every turn on their journey to unravel the secrets surrounding Blade’s brother and his connection to the magical weapons.

Kung Fu Panda is coming to Netflix on January 12, 2023.

We have a massive challenge ahead of us Find the legendary changing weapons and Stop Klaus and Veruca once and for all Or else be doomed to a world of what's a Good word for evil I feel like I use That a bunch attitude attitude Goodbye China Welcome back to India One Kung Fu Master One chivalrous Warrior I've been training for this my Whole life a master Thief let's not make A big thing out of it and the World's Greatest Dad And world's greatest noodle maker you Got that right [Music] I'm gonna get more weapons My Army My revenge we don't know what we're Running into so look sharp and follow me We got the smarts oh better than a Chiropractor we got each other We are here to help it smells like Steamed broccoli wrapped in your workout Pants ew what Dad Stealth mission mission of South Hey Ricky we made it inside

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