Knives Out in Space? Glass Onion’s Daniel Craig and Ryan Johnson Spitball a Star Wars Crossover

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star Daniel Craig and writer-director Rian Johnson talk to IGN about the return of detective Benoit Blanc and where the eccentric detective could go next in the proposed third film — possibly to a galaxy far, far away?!

In the follow-up to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, Detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece to peel back the layers of a mystery involving a new cast of colorful suspects. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery opens in select theaters for one week only November 23 and on Netflix December 23.


Benoit block the detective Mr Trump I Cannot overstate my gratitude to be here When's the murder mysteries start Daniel You mentioned in a recent interview that Many of your career decisions are based On your gut do you bring any of that Into Blanc when you play him no just Irritable bowel [Laughter] [Music] I know that never to trust my God but It's not always failed to me Um I think the question is I think what You're referring to is something because Someone was asking me about this grand Plan that I had when stop when I stopped Doing bond that I had this sort of grand Plan where me and a bunch of my agents Sat down and all when what do we do next And I'm just like it's a fantasy world I Just I just you know I if I'm lucky Enough to get a script as good as knives Out then I'm a Fool to say no I mean That's as simple as that and the idea of Saying that's a reaction to one thing or Kind of it's it's just people give me Way too much credit Um I'm I'm a bear of little brain Just like if I see a good script I think I know a good script the two two of you Have discussed uh Daniel being on one of Your Star Wars movies and now you've Been asked about your Star Wars future 11 a billion times but let's talk about

That ideal scenario and wood Knives Out Help influence that But look but I think the third knives The third Benoit block mystery it's time To take the franchise to space I feel Like we're all I'll say what we're all Going to crossover it's a crossover Kathy Kennedy's on board great Benoit Blanc I thought the game is yeah I can see it all I can see it all Happening Never you know don't I've never seen That yeah be careful what you wish Both of you uh had some hurdles with Bringing Blanc back to the Silver Screen Whether it be with dialect coaches or Writing with a specific actor in mind Does that leave you with some concerns Heading into the third installment of The trilogy or do you both feel like You're in your stride now I think the Concerns always flood in the second you Start working and but it's also I mean The things that are that make you uh Worried and concerned are the things That make it worth doing and make it Exciting so the notion of going into the Third one thinking how do we not just Try and recreate what we did in the First or the second one but let's how do We genuinely find some way to challenge And surprise ourselves and thus Hopefully Challenge and surprise the Audience how do we do something that's

As creatively invigorating and scary and Exciting to both of us Um as as you know as anything could be That we'd sit down to make and I think With that that's the thing we do these Because it's a genre we feel like we Need and the second we're not doing that We'll stop making them So in that same vein making Glass Onion Different from Knives Out was such a Tall order what helped both of you get There the script [Laughter] And for me Agatha Christie I mean you Know that to going back to the original Source of inspiration which was my love Of Agatha Christie's work and she never Repeated herself I think some people who Don't really know her work think she Wrote the same story over and over the Opposite is true she was taking wild new Swings with every book and each book has Its own identity and reason for being so Um going back and taking inspiration From that original source for me was was A big part of it Locked the doors Stay in your rooms everyone is in danger [Music] All right when some murder mysteries Start

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