Knights of Honor II: Sovereign – Official Release Trailer

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is available on PC today, December 6, 2022. Watch the launch trailer for this grand strategy game, and get ready to pick from one of 200+ realms in three different starting eras and lead your chosen people to glory.

In Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, you can control every aspect of your aspiring kingdom. Lead the economy to greatness by developing your cities and provinces and negotiating profitable trade deals. Master diplomacy and surround your kingdom with allies and friendly neighbors. Use espionage to weaken your enemies significantly and maintain control of your own realm. Establish your royal court and create a family that turns into a powerful dynasty to rule over your lands for hundreds of years to come. What will your legacy be?

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Foreign [Music] There are many paths to being of great Sovereign Valuable allies can be essential to Securing your people's future Your leadership in battle could turn the Tide of a war sire Be bold but be strategic as your foes Will fight just as fiercely Thank you To your enemy Enemy must have the wisdom to choose Your battles carefully you can defeat Your enemies or sway your allies through Trade diplomacy and Espionage develop Your provinces to prosperity and your People will flourish at times a merchant Or cleric May wield the might of a dozen Armies however sometimes a dozen armies May be exactly what is required to grow From your humble beginnings Emperor of the world some blood must be Spilled if Conquest is your calling then You shall have it you need not heed the Cries of your neighbors no matter how Loud or many they may be the world is Yours if you will it sire there may be Others who would stand against you do Not let these charlatans defy you your Nights are strong Kingdoms May challenge your honor sire But your will shall guide our people Forward

We await your command

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