Kevin Bacon Reveals How James Gunn Recruited Him for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

IGN chats with the veteran actor about joining the MCU — as himself! — in Marvel’s Christmas special. Kevin Bacon talks about Star-Lord’s love for bacon’s breakthrough movie Footloose and being surprised by the mention of him the first time he saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1.

In The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, the Guardians, who are on a mission to make Christmas unforgettable for Quill, head to Earth in search of the perfect present.

The Marvel Studios’ Special Presentation stars Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, featuring Vin Diesel as Groot and Bradley Cooper as Rocket, Sean Gunn and The Old 97’s with Michael Rooker and Kevin Bacon.

James Gunn wrote and directed The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. The executive producers are Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winderbaum, Gunn, Sara Smith, and Simon Hatt, with David J. Grant and Lars P. Winther serving as co-producers.

We are looking for the legendary Kevin Bacon we're looking for the legendary Kevin Bacon I think maybe you didn't hear you You coming with us as a Christmas Present can you talk to me a little bit About your pitch from James Gunn to Appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday special he didn't have to pitch Me very uh hard uh you know he I he just Said I have his holiday special it's Going to be with the Guardians what do You think and I said I'm in and so I Didn't really read the script I just Said oh yeah that sounds great in fact I Don't even know whether initially I knew If I was playing myself I'm trying to Remember because it's been quite a few Years since since the the idea first Arrived it took some time to get it off The ground uh because of covid and other Kind of things and but yeah I was I was Thrilled when I read the script and then You know when he later on told me that I Was also going to sing it I was like This is really fun this is kind of the Culmination of a joke from a very long Time ago in which Chris Pratt called Footloose the the greatest movie ever Made what was your reaction to the Original joke in the Guardians of the Galaxy well you know I my jaw just Dropped because I didn't know that it Was in there when I saw it I went to the

Movie not knowing anything about that so If you can imagine sitting there in a Dark theater and all of a sudden hearing Yourself name dropped in that kind of Way it's a very very very strange Experience but cool I mean you know I Loved it because I love the movie and And you know it there is something That's kind of like symbiotic about the Whole thing because James really loves Music and you know Footloose was a music Based movie I've walked out of the Theater and and called my wife and I Said you know like we're gonna go I'm Gonna go back and see this movie it's a Great movie and there's a little you Know surprise in there for you James Gunn took over DC Studio that was a Pretty surprising news what was that Like hearing that he was leaving the MCU So soon right after you worked with him Uh listen I I I'm not surprised James is A is a Powerhouse he's he's incredibly You know he's just got a great voice and A great eye he's super smart and and Obviously makes very very successful Movies I was thrilled to hear that he Got a next his new gig that's basically What I said I'm thrilled to hear about Your new gig I don't know about sense of Finality but all these people have kind Of become a family right like I'm Curious what the mood on the set was uh Looking ahead to that well I don't know

Because whatever the mood was it was Interrupted by this special you know Like I said that was that the special Was like a party and even the people I Had nothing to compare it to having not Been there before but even the people That I worked with said this has been so Much fun this is like we're we're just Having a blast and then finally you got To play alongside James Dunn's band the Old 97s what was that like it was great The old 97s are fantastic they're uh so Much fun and and you know I think all The music in the movie is is is great it Makes it great uh I I put the when I got The script Um he had referenced all the tunes so I Immediately made myself a a playlist Just to kind of feel you know just to Feel the vibe of the whole thing and Listen to it a lot and it's it's great And I love the Old 97 song uh you know It's it's it's really hard to write a New Christmas song and And I think it's it's got a really nice Combination of Sweetness and send them sentimentality Without being like a corny kind of take On on Christmas and it's got a you know It rocks and I love it

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