Keanu Reeves hurt himself training for John Wick 4 #johnwick #keanureeves #shorts

An insane new trailer for John Wick 4 Just dropped showing off some of the Awesome set pieces we'll see when the Film releases next march the movie's Director Chad stachelski told us that Keanu Reeves spent months training with Nunchucks even if he occasionally kicked His own ass with them stahlski stated Keanu's got to get better I'm saying He's got to get better at John Wick he's Got to expand he's got to get better at Martial arts he's got to get better in Every way Keanu does nunchucks in this Movie which you've seen in the trailer Keanu spent months knocking himself out Getting good at nunchucks ambidextrous Right hand left hand all while shooting A gun guy is great at it John Wick 4 along with all of his nunchucks And injuries hits theaters on March 24th 2023

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