Jumplight Odyssey – Official Reveal and Story Trailer

Watch the animated reveal trailer for Jumplight Odyssey to learn about the story of this upcoming roguelite colony sim game inspired by genre staples and classic 70s sci-fi anime. Jumplight Odyssey will be released on PC via Steam Early Access in 2023. 

In Jumplight Odyssey, gather survivors, repair and build out your starship, brave black holes, and fend off pirates, all while managing the daily soap opera of your colorful crew.

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Ah Since before time whenever our explorers Were lost they would look to the forever Star to find their way home Now a great Darkness has found us The warmongering zootopians sought to Extinguish our light Thank you In a desperate bid to defend our beloved Home we committed everything Yet the cold malice of Admiral voltan Couldn't be stopped Off Foreign Hope lies I princess euphora last remaining Regions of our people will lead us to The forever star Those of us who survived that day lost Everything But this is not our end we will survive Because together we will keep hope alive Hunt them down no survivors Thank you

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