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We got our first glimpse of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, thanks to director Todd Phillips. He took to Instagram and posted this image of the actor, with the caption: Day one, our boy. The #Joker sequel is shaping up to be pretty intense, with fans still waiting to see what the Lady Gaga Harley Quinn character will look like. #Joker2, Joker: Folie a Deux is in theaters October 4th 2024. In other entertainment news, apparently the writer for the upcoming Flash movie and Batgirl, Christina Hodson, pitched a Batman Beyond idea that got those DC executives interested. Hodson was hard at work on a script for the film, until James Gunn and Safran came aboard and tanked it all. And finally, it looks like we’ll be heading back into the world of Game of Thrones with the spin-off Jon Snow show. Kit Harington is giving fans a bit of a tease as to what to expect from the titular character and where his mindset is after the events of the series finale of the main show.

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Yo what's going on everybody Akeem here And in today's fix of entertainment news Our first look at Joaquin Phoenix's Joker why we won't be getting a Batman Beyond live-action movie and the type of Jon Snow we can expect from The Game of Thrones spin-off let's drop it [Music] All right we got our first glimpse of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker thanks to Director Todd Phillips Now he took to Instagram and posted this Image of the actor with the caption day One our boy hashtag Joker Now Phoenix Looks rather emaciated which is likely Due to how seriously he takes his roles With his method acting and of course Fans have been bombarding the director With questions about showing us a Similar photo of Lady Gaga in the role Of Harley Quinn to which he took to the Comments section and said quote getting A lot of these messages in my DMs and on Here sorry to say that Lady Gaga does Not start with us until after the New Year so it's gonna be a bit now no Worries as I'm sure we can all wait ever So patiently as the pieces of the sequel Fall into place it'll definitely be Interesting to see Lady Gaga's take on The character as we've only known Margot Robbie in the live-action role of the Villainous fiction in recent years I Think it's time for a very fresh take on

The character maybe with a slightly Different voice Who knows anyways we can expect Joker Foley oh do October 4th 2024. so we're Getting another Joker movie but we will Not be receiving a Batman Beyond movie With Michael Keaton yeah that was Actually in the works at one point According to a Hollywood Reporter Newsletter Now apparently the writer for the Upcoming Flash movie and Batgirl Christina Hodson pitched a Batman Beyond Idea that got those DC Executives Interested Hudson was hard at work on a Script for the film until James Gunn Pulled out the guns with saffron in tow And tanked the entire project now the Film reportedly would have featured Keaton's Bruce Wayne in a romantic Relationship with Catwoman likely Michelle Pfeiffer's variant Now further DC projects are currently on Hold until James Gunn and the new team Figure out what direction they'd like to Go with projects so maybe they'll Revisit the idea at some point and Speaking of revisiting ideas and Projects it looks like we'll be heading Back into the world of Game of Thrones With the spin-off of Jon Snow in the Jon Snow show Now kit Harrington is giving fans a bit Of a tease as to what to expect from the

Titular character and where his mindset Is after the events of the series finale Of the main show now while speaking with Entertainment Weekly the actor says Jon Snow is not okay and that quote at the End of the show when we find him in that Cell he's preparing to be beheaded and He wants to be he's done the fact he Goes to the wall is the greatest gift And also the greatest curse now he goes On to talk about how his character has To live with the trauma of killing those He loved and that by the end of the show He's ultimately not okay so we'll be Getting a very broken Jon Snow whenever We begin to see things develop on that Front And that about wraps it up for this Entertainment fix I'm Akeem La wanted And thank you all for watching now that You've got about today's news please Check out our previous video download The IGN app on all your devices and for Everything else stick with IGM

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