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DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has taken to Twitter after seeing many tweets wishing for “#SaveLegendsofTomorrow” and “#ReleaseTheAyerCut,” and wanted to share that, while the team is open to “everything as we embark on this journey,” the initial focus of the studio is on “the story going forward, hammering out the new DCU, & telling the Biggest Story Ever Told across multiple films, television shows, & animated projects.”

To close out Stranger Things Day 2022, Netflix has revealed that the first episode of the fifth and final season of Stranger Things is called ‘Chapter One: The Crawl.’

And finally, Black Adam continues to dominate at the box office!

All of this entertainment news in this episode of IGN The Fix: Entertainment!

What's up everybody I'm Nars and in Today's fix of entertainment news James Gunn says the DCU is ready to tell the Biggest story ever told the title of the First episode of stranger things season 5 has been revealed and Black Adam just Crossed 300 million dollars worldwide Let's get into it Hot off the heels of taking over as DC Studio CEO James Gunn has taken to Twitter after seeing many tweets with The save Legends of tomorrow and release The air cut Hashtags with an official Response Gun stated that while the team is open To everything as we embark on this Journey the initial focus of the studio Is on the story going forward hammering Out the new DCU and telling the biggest Story Ever Told across multiple films Television shows and animated projects The sound like DC is closing the doors Forever I'm bringing back the canceled Legends of Tomorrow series or leasing The long rumor director's cut of 2016's Suicide Squad it does seem like they'll Be predominantly focused on building Towards the new and improved direction Of the DCU instead Gun finished his thoughts by saying we Invite all of the DC fandoms from across The Multiverse and everyone else as well Into this new universe we can't wait to Reveal more gun is in charge of the

Creative side of DC Studios and Peter Saffron will handle the business side of The company gun was still direct films As co-ceo and the initial deal is Expected to last at least four years With Henry Cavill pulling away from his Commitment to Netflix's Witcher series Presumably to focus on the new Superman Movies instead it seems we might not Have to wait too long to see where the Dcu's New Direction might head next next Up to close out yesterday stranger Things day which is November 6th the Same day will buyers first went missing In 1983. Netflix has revealed that the First episode of The Fifth and final Season of stranger things is called Chapter 1 the crawl Netflix posted the news on Twitter and The title was shared on what appears to Be the first page of the script for the First episode that will be written by The Duffer Brothers the creators of Stranger things there were no further Details revealed about this episode or Season 5 as a haul and we still have no Indication as to when the final season Will arrive on Netflix The Duffer Brothers have previously shared that Season 5 will likely be shorter than Season 4 and that the series as a whole Very well may have a return of the King-ish ending Hopefully the truck to the finish line

For stranger things fans will be more of A Sprint than a crop There's plenty of time to binge the Digital while we wait for the finale and Finally The Rock's big new superhero Movie Black Adam has continued to Entertain fans all over the globe Hitting just under 320 million dollars Worldwide at the box office despite its Lackluster critical reception The film has brought in 182.3 million From the international box office and 319.7 million worldwide with a 200 Million dollar budget and Untold Advertising costs it remains to be seen If Black Adam will break even or be seen As profitable for DC But the film has still seen a strong Start so far and hasn't even made its Home video release money yet That said another superhero movie might Dethrone Black Adam when Black Panther Wakanda forever comes to theaters this Weekend with experts predicting an Opening weekend between 175 million and 200 million dollars Flynn you the audience you win you get Two superhero movies from two different Cinematic universes within the same Three-week window the winner is you get Some popcorn and a drink sit back enjoy Your Victory laugh have some fun you Deserved it That's all for your fix of entertainment

News be sure to check back on IGN Tomorrow for our official review of Black panther wakanda forever along with A million other articles and videos Thanks for watching we'll see you next Time

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