JackUltraMotive Teaches a Wheel of Cheese to Drive in Forza Horizon 5

JackUltraMotive has one week to get Cheez – a talking cheese wheel (yes, you read that right) – good at Forza Horizon 5 before Cheez goes head-to-head with comedian Ron Funches.

If Cheez wins, you will have the chance to win a Custom Xbox Series X, Custom Xbox Controller, games, Xbox Gift Cards, all sorts of Cheez-It apparel, and more – enter here!

Presented by Cheez-It.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 US & DC, 18+ yrs of age. Ends 12/22/22. Void where prohibited. Official Rules.

[Music] So here at IGN we pride ourselves on Providing Gamers of all skill levels the Tips they need to get good no challenge Is too big for us until today please Welcome Cheez-It's very own Cheese Hey Akeem great to be here and ready to Start getting those dubs which is uh Slang for W's which is short for wins in Gamer speak of course hey fellow gamers Cheese come on the less pandering the Better most death might be My dick Horizon 5. are you listening Listen so cause if cheese actually does Win you watching at home can win Fabulous prizes including the grand Prize a custom Xbox series X or as I Like to call it the Xbox series cheese Now to find out how to win you'll have To stick around till the end of this Video so for sure the pressure is on now Cheese how good are you at Forza let's Just say I'm no slouch but let's also Just say I need a lot of help good news Cheese here to coach you is none other Than Forza Phenom Jack Ultra motive Good to be here let's get into it Jack I Gotta get good fast well cheese here's How you or any of you guys watching can Get good [Applause] [Music] Now many Forza races require you to

Drive through checkpoints to stay on the Course however some don't have that Restriction which means that where You're going you don't need roads by Veering off track and plowing through The scenery you can easily get an Incredibly quick lap time in fact some Of the mission times can only be Completed by using this strategy watch Out though because there will be a Number of indestructible obstacles in Your path so try to avoid the more Imposing trees and boulders so that you Don't give your drivers some nasty Whiplash And which button do I press to break Again the left trigger Forza Horizon 5 offers a ton of ways to Customize your Driving Experience to fit Your exact play style so if you give the Game a go and you find that it's a bit Too challenging or not challenging Enough try out these options before Completely writing the game off in the Difficulty settings you can alter how Arcadey or simulation like you want your Car to feel with the arcade setting Giving you much more leeway to make Risky Maneuvers while the simulation Setting requires you to master the art Of cornering for example you can choose To include driving lines that guide you On when to turn in brake Etc you can set Your Drive Assist to braking only or you

Can turn off the driving line completely Keep in mind the more difficult settings You choose the more credits you will Earn So for someone who's never played what Do you suggest for you cheese you should Opt in for the more arcady racing Experience Sweet all right coach I got this I won't Let you down also one last question What's that is there a way you could Play for me without Ron noticing I'll Pay all the cheese that you can eat I Mean hold on here you know be sure to Check out cheese Sports Champion of Cheese later this week to see if cheese Not Jack can best run funches in Forza And don't forget to sign up for the Giveaway at Cheesewinds.igan.com where every week You'll register for weekly prizes and Automatically be entered to win the Grand prize of the custom Xbox series Achieves Stay tuned and keep it locked right here On IGN [Music]

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