I’ve Never Played World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (Ft. Bajheera)

Everyone remembers taking their first few steps on Azeroth… except for newcomer to the game Max Scoville. Thankfully, to celebrate the release of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, WoW legend Bajheera is helping Max get up to speed on all the things he needs to know before spreading his wings and taking flight in the new World of Warcraft expansion: Dragonflight.

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Yeah just angle up right off the bat Just just climb as high as you can Before you start your day all right World of Warcraft is one of the most Influential MMORPGs of all time and it's Gone on to shape the very fabric of the Genre and gaming as we know it but if I'm being honest I've never actually Played World of Warcraft before here to Help me right this wrong and guide me Through the dragon Isles is none other Than bajira what's up what's up dude yo Thank you so much for inviting me here To Dive into Azeroth with you man it's Gonna be a lot of fun crazy that you've Never played before you're in for a Treat well I'm glad I have you here to Guide me around now can you tell me what It is about World of Warcraft that holds Such a special place in your heart well It's a pretty fantastic game for just About anybody you've got so many things To do you know from running around Collecting loot making your character More powerful to take on bigger and Better challenges in PVE which is player Versus environment or PVP player versus Player which is my favorite thing you Can even you know learn about the Economy and gold making it's just a Blast you're gonna love it man well it's A whole world to check out let's jump Into Azeroth and see what I've been

Missing Presented by World of Warcraft Dragon Flight available November 28th All right so our first objective is the Get you a character right Okay So the big thing here there's there's The draft there that's like the new The new race here right so drag theater Comes with its own unique class so The only the classic or the only race That can play evoker is actually the Track there so I think that's what we Should do if it's all new for Dragonflight what better way to learn About World of Warcraft for you than Dive Right In with the new stuff that Dragonflight has to offer so first Things first you got to go all the way Down click on that direct there and you Can pick uh various body styles that you Want to work with and once you've got One that you like we will dive into the Customization Okay now would you recommend draftier For a newcomer is it like a good Starting point I think that every class In World of Warcraft has a level to it That is accessible But I think one of the things that's Interesting about drag theory is it does Seem to me to be a class that has a lot Of really cool abilities and in the Hands of a skilled player could be

Insane but at the same time I think that If we just decide to dive in as you Being a new player uh just the game in General me being experienced player but New to drag through evoker I think we're Both gonna have a good time with it so We should check it out yeah I feel Pretty good with you kind of showing me Around now here's the big question Alliance or Horde Well usually I would tell people to go With their hearts on this one you got to Decide whether you want to be you know a Fine upstanding citizen of the alliance Or the dastardly rascally horde you have To decide so I think uh for me I side of the alliance that is my home That is where my heart lies Um but generally I would want you to Make your decision but I guess for the Purpose of us being able to play Together probably ought to roll lines With me this time oh fine okay that's Probably not what I normally go with but You know I'll humor you you know and and You can play around the customization Options one by one but something that Might be kind of fun Um Is you can click the little randomize Appearance and it'll just kind of throw Together some combinations and if one Catches your eye as like a starting

Point you could roll with that and play Around with a little bit or you could Um you know just go wild yeah I mean as We all know we can spend hours and hours You know tweaking appearance here yeah Unless the hornless track there like a Little bit sad there It's a it's a choice oh I'm into it I hadn't seen those options Look always great I got like some little Oh my you're all armored up I want art yeah man you gotta get armor Your character's not even made yet and You're already getting geared up got Bangles spikes and bangles van braces All the best holy moly you're ahead of The game all right this is shilandra fur Schlandrifer oh wait Chalan is there an R in there shilandra fur yeah that's Solandra I don't have a lot of stuffer Chillandifer there's no r i pronounce my Own name wrong the land of common name It's I know there's a lot of shalendo For as you run into these days but Shalandhofer shallender for arise [Music] I want to come find you Yes I can glide that's awesome yeah so There's usually Usually you can't do that in World of Warcraft there's only two classes that Are capable of the Glide as of right now Demon Hunter which is a class that was New to Legion and then this one

See you There you are let me invite you yeah oh Hey what's up What's up man how's it going To see you All right what are we doing We're getting you caught up on the on The quest so is there anything with like A exclamation mark around uh oh no you I See on the right side of your screen What is your what does your quest say Over there uh I have to awaken some Other drafts here so I gotta go I think Over this way I see it how do you like Your UI setup so far Uh I mean I'm I'm new here I don't know Really what my options are but Well this figuring out what everything Does yeah the the targeting and whatnot Like where our health bars are and our Enemy health bars those are first of all They are movable If you right click them and go to edit Mode you can move everything around but As a new player if you feel comfortable With what you've got that's good but This whole feature is new which is Really cool you used to have to have Like add-ons To you know customize a lot of this Stuff Um but now you don't which is really Nice because I actually prefer my frames To be a little bit closer to the middle

But I do like to have them be like you Know in this quadrant of my screen and They used to just like occupy like the Top left So the fact that you can move stuff Around is really nice that's that's huge I mean everyone does things slightly Differently yeah I can wear the route that's good Yeah you can slay everything in sight if That's what you want to do I would say The main thing to focus on in your uh Leveling process is make sure you Continue to do those quests quests are Going to give you the biggest chunks of Experience and are probably the best way To level up early on so you keep finding Those Quest givers you keep handing in Those quests don't keep gaining that XP And we're not allowed to put Talent Points in until we finish this stuff oh Boy Fellow points will be used to unlock Abilities or Empower abilities that you Like and with the drag Theory we'll be Able to make some decisions on how we Apply those Talent points here pretty Soon You're already in the in the big leagues I'm on my way oh Don't worry I'll throw you some heels thank you Thank you thank you you're doing it Shallender for the chosen one

Thank you Somebody chose me maybe I don't know Randomly selected one That's how it goes sometimes Gotta Glide out of here This is a this is a big mob so we Probably can't knock it back but all These little guys that are chasing you It's great to use your instant attacks On those they don't have very much HP There we go oh yeah Oh Dear Now this kind of thing is new so as Someone who's new you're like okay this Is you don't know any better but if Somebody's played for a long time we Have never had abilities like this Before so what you can do is press fire Breath and hold that key down Okay you can charge it up Oh And upon you know being fully charged It'll do the most damage that it's gonna Do which is really cool we have not had That kind of stuff in a while before We're uh we're powering our characters Up we're making it to the dragon Isles We want to go to that big glowing thing Uh oh what do we got here we got another Little Beetle swarmer get out of here You know what some somebody's got to Handle those little critters around here No I just can't stand them I'm just kind

Of a tidy person I don't like it when There's bugs in the house no thank you So one of the things that you're going To be doing in a while is trying to Figure out your your damage rotation or Your healing rotation and what I mean by Rotation is just the order of abilities Um that you use During your combat to either you know do The most damage or maintain the most Threat uh in a tank situation or do the Most healing it's just like what what Abilities are using in what order and Sometimes there's like a sort of set Rotation but a lot of times there's just Like a kind of a priority system where It's like this ability make sure you use This every time it's available and then When it's not available you can use Another ability and so there's you know A couple different ways of structuring Your ability usage to be most effective This guy Oh man this is a cool ability I wonder if this is what I think it is Okay How do I get rid of the green triangle Above my head oh I'm leaving that right There You don't like to keep track of me I Gotta keep mine on you All right what uh oh learn about Coasting Okay so This I think is our introduction to

Dragon flight in terms of dragon riding So Some I think we'll probably all get Access to Dragon riding But it's my suspicion that direct fear Since they are dragons Probably can do basically the mechanics Of dragon riding just on their own so Here we go let's talk to this dervisian Because this is new to me as well Okay so I learned a new spell which is Whoa okay all right all right I'm into It All right I'm it with you sore So now And you fly through these little circles Are you doing it I'm figuring that out As we speak maybe okay okay there we go Just gotta I'm on it There's one more I think I missed one I Missed the first one okay So I got I need to get some speed here We go Whoa I'll be back we did it All right so where oh somebody so we're Yeah we're learning more about the Flying now Accompany you so you're gonna dive I Think they want you to dive up and then Dive down so you can't like sort of Learn how to get some speed [Music] Well

[Music] Next little practice Here we go Yeah just angle up right off the bat Just climb as high as you can before you Start to die hey all right that was Definitely the falling with style I Would call it yeah you're getting it I Said okay I'm good I'm actually ahead of You now so did you learn about like uh Gaining a little bit of extra aerial Oomph and then dashing as well with Flying Uh yeah I think so oh you feel Comfortable with that yeah I mean Awesome as hell but we'll make the best Of it that's okay that's part of the Deal so that's uh yeah Wow wow was definitely wow was Definitely a game that rewards not only Improving your character's power but Also your skills as a player and what You're doing It's not only you are new to this The Soaring mechanic and dragon riding this Is all new for everybody so the fact That you're picking it up and getting it Rolling you're you're right where you're Supposed to be doing great all right Max We've made our way out of the ruins when We were previously locked in some sort Of dragon slumber Now here we are in the dragon Isles Spreading our wings exploring Azeroth at

An all-new mode of transportation which Is flight Dragon flight as a matter of Fact off to a great start I'm excited For more yeah thanks so much for your Help this is this is fun I'm looking Forward to learning more and you know Like you said spreading our wings and Learning to fly and taking our first Dragon steps into the dragon Isles you Too can relive the magic or like me Experience it for the very first time in World of Warcraft dragonfly which is out November 28th on PC for more on World of Warcraft you know what to do stay tuned To IGN we'll see you next time

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