Is Jim Carrey’s The Mask in God of War: Ragnarok?? #godofwar #godofwarragnarok #beyond #shorts

Now another cool thing about Loki in the Video game now there's a mission where You're atreus AKA Loki and you have to Run around finding fragments and pieces Of this wooden mask that's awfully Similar to the one that Stanley ipkis Wore in the Mask movie and comics and in That particular franchise The Mask Loki Was the creator of the zany mass that Imbued a Jim Carrey's character with all Those crazy Powers now whether or not The writers at Santa Monica are just big Dark Horse Comics fans and fans of the Mask movie and wanted to you know kind Of throw that into their take on Loki's Story and Ragnarok is honestly a Question I'd have to ask them I don't Think it was a hundred percent I I think I told him I wanted to be wood Because we wanted to carve things into It uh it was more about what the Carvings were like there's carvings from Different languages on the mask when you Look at it up close and maybe somebody Snuck something in I didn't even know About

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