IGN PlayStation 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The PS5 is easier to get than ever before and if you’re looking to give the perfect PlayStation gift, we’ve got some great suggestions for you.

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[Music] Happy holidays I'm Stella Chung and I'm Here to show you the five best gifts to Get that special someone on your list Gifts are for the PlayStation lover in Your life and while Sony's new console Is still hard to come by there are Plenty of other ways to give the gift to PlayStation this year that aren't quite As elusive or expensive that being said If you do happen across an opportunity To buy a PlayStation 5 just do it are You crazy those things are still really Impossible to get anyways here are five Awesome gifts for the PlayStation fan in Your life Who doesn't want to spend their days Cooking treats from the far off Realms Of Asgard with their grumpy dad this Holiday season the God of War cookbook Has recipes for all sorts of magical Otherworldly Delights you can cook right Here on Earth listen I'm not saying you Have to cook these over an open flame But it will add an air of authenticity To each treat The symbols on the PlayStation Controller are some of the most iconic In gaming so why not show off some of That PlayStation Love by giving this as A gift perfect for any room really and It's not going to break the bank best Part is it looks awesome and shows off Your intended recipient's love for all

Things PlayStation gaming it's a win-win Hey it's God of War again I'm starting To detect a theme this year and that Theme is God of War well it's no wonder Because it's easily the biggest PlayStation game of 2022 and will cement The series as one of PlayStation's Grace This comfy pocket tee has a stylized Version of igdrasil on the pocket that's The world tree in case you're not caught Up on your Norse mythology another of 2022's biggest PlayStation games Horizon Forbidden West is visually stunning and Its creatures are instantly recognizable To anyone with even a passing Familiarity with the game so this Lego Set is the perfect gift for the PlayStation lover in your life or you Can get it for yourself and I won't Judge you So many games and so little storage okay That's not entirely true but it doesn't Take too long to fill out the PlayStation's built-in storage so why Not give someone the gift of space with This one terabyte PlayStation approved Internal SSD it's got the heatsink and Everything so they don't have to worry About that and it more than doubles PS5 Storage in just a few steps you'd have To be a real jerk not to love this gift There you have it five awesome PlayStation 5 gifts for you to consider Giving this holiday season be sure to

Check out all of our holiday gift guides For ideas for anyone on your list and For everything else Jolly keep it right Here on IGN

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