IGN Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Xbox Gifts

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and with it comes the anxiety of trying to find the perfect gift. But what do you give the Xbox fan in your life who already has everything? Well, you’re going to have to watch this video to find out. I’m not going to tell you my secrets here in the description. You’re not getting off that easily.

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[Music] Hello and happy holidays I'm Stella Chung and I'm here to help you find the Perfect gift for the Xbox fan in your Life it's a good time to be on team Xbox With the Acquisitions and The Game Pass And whatnot but that leaves you The Giver of gifts with a bit of a challenge With all the great Xbox stuff out there How can you be sure you're getting Something good well that's why I'm here These are our suggestions for the best Xbox gifts this holiday season This is honestly the Xbox gift that Keeps on giving well at least for three Months anyways but anyone who gets this Will be glad of it because it unlocks Access to hundreds of games including Day One releases from first parties Since its ultimate it rules the benefits Of Xbox Live and Game Pass into one Seriously this is the gift for the Xbox Fan in your life The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller might Be the best controller ever that's a Pretty subjective call but honestly it's Hard to argue that it isn't this thing Is Rock Solid customizable and will Absolutely make someone's day when they Unwrap it this year it's a little pricey For controllers sure but that will make You look like a captain of the industry Who just flew in for dinner via Zeppelin You don't have to go all out to get

Someone an awesome controller via the Elite Series the new mineral camo Controller colorway has the goodness of The stock Xbox controller wrapped in a Cool new skin it's like the camouflage Is giving the controller a very tight Hug this is a great replacement or Addition to someone's controller Collection and I wouldn't be surprised If you saw them favoring this one over The one that came packed with our Console I could be wrong but I bet I'm Not Not everything Xbox related has to be Compatible with the console to make a Great gift this Xbox achievement light Is compatible with any place that's dark And it's a cool nod to someone's Xbox Fandom it's also great any time of year Because each day brings with it the Possibility of new achievements or Something like that Finally we have the Halo encyclopedia The definitive record of everything Halo Few games conjure up visions of the History of Xbox quite like Halo and this Gift is perfect for anyone looking for a Deep dive into lore locations weaponry And basically all things Halo related That's it for Xbox gift suggestions here But if you visit our Xbox holiday gift Guide on ijan.com we have even more Ideas for you to make this Xbox holiday Season the best one ever


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