IGN Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Nintendo Gifts

Nintendo Switch is nearing its 6th year of existence, but it’s still a massively popular system thanks to a cool design and the fact it’s made by Nintendo. With over 130 years in business, Nintendo has a lot of history, which can make it hard to nail down a gift for the Nintendo lover in your life. Fear not, we went ahead and made this video to help you figure it out.

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[Music] It's the holiday season and you know What that means curling up by the fire With a Nintendo switch roasting Chestnuts for some reason and of One of the gifts for the Nintendo fan in Your life Finding what to buy this year weighing Heavy on your shoulders well I have some Good news for you we've gone ahead and Put together some suggestions for you to Find the perfect Nintendo theme to gift This holiday season I'm Stella Chung and I'll be playing Santa let's get to it Foreign [Music] Sure you have someone on your list who's Still using their launch day Nintendo Switch I say good for them but honestly The OLED model screen is just so much Better it's probably worth the upgrade Seriously the colors on this thing are Incredible and it comes in a striking White color that sets it apart from the Rest of the Nintendo switch family If you know someone who loves Nintendo Chances are they also love Pokemon but There's a problem each time they release A new game it comes out in two different Versions How's the person expected to collect Them all while Paralyzed by choice Here's here's a suggestion why not both There's a double pack for Pokemon

Scarlet and violet that includes both Games because two is always better than One Regardless of whether or not the weather Outside is frightful these sherpa-lined Tom Nook moccasins will be madly Appreciated by any Nintendo fan because They serve two functions first off They're just cute animal crossing themed Footwear but secondly they're lined with Fluff to keep their feet warm it's a Win-win This is a gift for the serious Legend of Zelda fan in your life and I promise you They will not be disappointed when they Unwrap this on Christmas morning Look at it the Shield collector's edition statue is so Detailed and lifelike how one resists Its charms I do want to point out though That it hasn't been confirmed whether or Not it can deflect projectiles from Water OCTA rocks so make sure your Recipient knows that they should avoid Rivers just to be on the safe side At a loss for ideas in spite of our site Advice well there's a solution that Solves that problem a Nintendo eShop Gift card the 70 one will let your Recipient buy a new release Game and Still have a little left over for some Weird indie or they can wait till the Next eShop sale and go buck wild who am I to judge

The 70 card features Wario everyone's Favorite evil mustache man why Wario Well why not [Music] There are even more gift ideas for the Nintendo lover in your life as well as Ideas for all kinds of presents in our Holiday gift guides on IGN [Music]

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