IGN AMA – “What Is Your Favorite Device, Besides a Smartphone, Tablet or Gaming Device?”

You asked and we listened, here are Brian Altano and Max Scoville answering your questions about Tech in this IGN AMA, and its all presented by Yahoo Mail. 

We answers a bunch of question about Tech, like why type of TV do we use, our favorite device that isn’t a smartphone (iPhone), tablet (iPad), or gaming device like a gaming PC/ console (Xbox, Playstation PS5), our thoughts on Unreal Engine 5, and our thoughts on the next big advancement in video game technology.


What specs you have inside your PC are The best yeah the best got a whole bunch Of rats in there they run real fast on The wheel they make it heat up what Makes the games go unreal those those Rats are that's what they'd say hey Everybody Welcome to ask us anything IGN And Yahoo mail have teamed up to answer Your burning questions for the past Couple of weeks you've reached out to us At askigan yahoo.com with entertainment Gaming Tech and IGN questions now this Week we'll be answering your questions About tech how we use it where it's Going and what we're most afraid of I Think it's robots I think it's answering These questions I think it's answering Machines who keeps calling them [Music] Foreign What do you think will be the next big Advancement in video game technology Cloud streaming stuff probably I mean We're already seeing the beginning of it Um I know that a lot of people are you Know resistant to that idea because we Like physical ownership or we like Ownership of stuff but it was the same Uh you know there's the same kind of Hesitation when people started buying Games digitally there was a point where Netflix used to be a website you'd go to And you'd pick out DVDs you wanted them To send you in the mail yeah and then

One day they were like hey you can go to That website and just watch stuff and I Remember just being like that's Impossible that's Madness you can't just Watch a movie on the on the website and Then I went there and you know the rest Is history now we have streaming Everything I think um couch Co-op via Hologram projection would be really cool I'm actually not here right now I'm Testing out some news I wish you weren't Here right now giving nonsense answers Like that how do you feel about the new Unreal Engine 5 I think the old Unreal Engine 5 was better Really no I'm kidding we love to sort of See the tech demo stuff and be like Oh Unreal Engine 5 is crazy and it's like It really is just a matter of what you Do with it and from my understanding is Uh you know it's sort of how developers Utilize it and the really exciting thing About unreal5 is how accessible it is For people to get into and figure it out And very realistic humanoids you can Create with the meta human Creator or Whatever is like that's exciting but you Know it's what is like what do the games Look like in five years how are people Utilizing that yeah I'm I'm actually More excited for the moment where Developers like master unreal5 and we Also uh current gen consoles uh Basically development cycle leave behind

Last gen consoles because I think right Now we're still kind of handcuffed to Making sure uh new video games can run On a base model PS4 which launched like 40 years ago at this point all right Better question what type of TV do you Use I have uh two big TVs at home and one of Them is the LG CX OLED from two years Ago I think and I love it it's my Favorite TV I've ever had it is the Scariest thing I've ever lifted since I Became a father It is it is this thin and you basically There's the instructions are like okay When you put this on its base You better get it right because if you Don't they'll be hell to pay and there's Nothing you can do about it it actually Says that one side it's one it's written A big role yeah it's it's just in blood On like a black scroll and it says don't Screw this up and I have a tcl6 series I Think it's a big it's a big TV I don't Know the thing with TVs is like Obviously there's people who track them Very closely like this you know the Subtle differences but at the same time It's kind of like a mattress and that Once you buy one you sort of stuck with It you know like you're like okay well This is mine now and I hope I hope it's Good you know I did the fair amount of Research going into it but like you know

There's that part of me where I'm like I Want a better different one but the Second I get one of those there'll be Another better different one aside from That okay up next we have a question From oh wait I just got a notification That I got a package delivered I'll go Get it I will I'll wait here with the Dog [Music] Oh what is that rocks oh was there a Sale on the Rocks yeah great I bought Too many of them they're very heavy but I'm glad they're here Rocks no but seriously the emails we get Can be buried by other emails and so we Can easily miss out on some important Stuff and the Yahoo mail app just alerts You right up top if there is a delivery That has been sent or if one is waiting For you so you don't have to just leave It on the front door to get stolen yeah Stolen packages are the worst speakers Are headphones for what just for to be In general yeah Speakers when I play video games as Speakers for me yeah I do I do have like Nice headphones and every now and then I Put them on but like for the most part I Don't know I just I like I like having I Like having that yeah in the room it's Very cinematic to me you know I don't Watch a lot of movies with headphones on Almost like I'm on an airplane right

Yeah that's fair I don't know headphones Give me a headache after a while either Earbuds or over the ear cans like it's Just any kind of sort of pressure on my Head is just after a certain point I Just notice it and it just annoys me uh And I don't know I've tried this with Various different things and whereas Speakers you know it's just noises that Comes out of the side of the the front Of the TV and the sides of the walls and It's you know I like that best budget Microphone Um what snowballs you do this yeah That's true okay if you really know free If you're a real Rockefeller you can Head out there and get a piece of paper And roll it up in a tube and then do the Same thing that is easily the cheapest Microphone yeah what do you use to Stream Uh We have like a Sony a6400 DSLR cameras Hooked up to a uh Elgato HDR Plus Hd60s plus I think and then OBS and then A lot of wires what is your favorite Device besides a smartphone Tablet or gaming oh that's good uh air Fryer That's a good one airfryer I love air Frying things yeah I like my barbecue That's a good one I don't know if it's a Wok it's a device it's not a device sort Of a device

Let us know What do you play on more consoles or PC Definitely consoles yeah definitely Consoles like my whole life has been About that we had like a We had a PC in my house very early on it Was like one of the early my dad got it From like he's a teacher he got it from School it was a Gateway in 1900. I think It was had like four colors on it not Even a Gateway oh those ones yeah yeah It was bad but yeah like I played Donkey Kong on it and he was like green yeah I Think we had those in my school yeah um I mean I have like a PC growing up I was Very much into that and then I think It's just I'm a lazy casual baby and Like any kind of upkeep or having to go Under the hood and like actually manage Things is just sort of I'd rather spend The time actually playing the game you Know me too I don't know the way I've Always sort of like Justified it to Myself is that you know it's a the Consoles are like a way of getting from Point A to point B and like PC gaming is More like having a muscle car yeah you Know it is fundamentally way more Awesome but also you may have to buy Parts from a weird guy and then spend Your weekend not so much using the Actual thing but fixing the thing that You could use to use it yeah I have a Steam deck which I play a lot and that's

Sort of like the first time I've ever Felt like okay the PC World and the Console world have met in this like Weird center of the Venn diagram and and I love it but the second it it asks of Me to do anything To smart or intelligent or technical I'm Just like I'm out can't do it like I it Was also gently down and put a blanket Over it yeah and I just walk away yes I Want to think about you you made me feel Dumb to that yeah it's a lot Mr steam Deck thanks for watching and an even Bigger thanks to everybody who sent in Questions for us to answer if you got More send them to ask IGN yahoo.com yeah Seriously we love answering questions Um we're not good at coming up with them Right no not not one bit which is good Because luckily our jobs don't involve Quite asking questions of important People ever not one bit never never have To do it not a bit yeah anyway they're Going to turn the cameras off and we're Gonna sit here on this couch and answer Even more questions that nobody asked Yeah I have a bunch saved in my head That I've been waiting for

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