How Wakanda Forever Affects The Future of the MCU | IGN Live Spoilercast

SPOILER WARNING! Wakanda Forever represents a huge investment in future story threads for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to explore. We go into full spoilers on how Wakanda, Namor, Talokan, and of course, the new Black Panther factor in.

[Music] Yo what's going on everybody welcome Back to IGN's wakanda forever spoiler Cast and I really just want to jump Right into things and talk about what Does all of this mean for the future of The MCU of course joining me is Tom Alex And Joshua Joshua let's start with you Uh what are your thoughts and theories About what we witnessed in wakanda Forever and what it means for the future Of the MCU I think it's obvious that They really wanted to build out Neymar And his people I think he's going to be A big player going forward uh his past And his present and his future uh his Past being that he is the first Beauty He uses the word mutant to describe Himself as can you believe it We waited so long and that's finally Happening of course in the Miss Marvel Series we heard she had a mutation this Is the first person who's been labeled Who labels himself as a mutant in the Comics we of course know that Neymar is Is the first Um uh he's been a part of the X-Men of The Avengers of the Illuminati so maybe If the MCU proper main Universe gets its Illuminati maybe he'll join up on that Council uh his his Um his people are still a secret at the End of this movie So eventually he'll Have a coming out party and I think then

He will join maybe like Yeah The Avengers maybe the X-Men Um but also because he you know he's an Anti-hero and he's always out for his Own best interest in the interest of his People Um don't be surprised if he joins up on Maybe a villainous team you know he's Been a part of the dark version of the Illuminati called the cabal Um and uh he's been a part of the dark X-Men and stuff so he's a character who I'm not sure you know where he will Align himself uh wherever it suits him And his people in the moment definitely Uh but yeah definitely see the uh the Very long and in-depth origin story they Gave him and his people that could be The Catalyst for mutant kind uh in the MCU because I think before this I think We all assumed that it was going to be The Multiverse that brought the X-Men to The MCU we got Professor X and Dr Stranger Multiverse of Madness Um Evan Peter said that weird cameo in One division [Laughter] Uh Ryan Reynolds of course made that Announcement video where you know he Said he's gonna do Deadpool 3 with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and so I think the Assumption there was that the fox X-Men Universe would cross over with the MCU And those characters would come to the

MCU proper Um but now I think they have a more Natural way of doing it where they could Say you know Neymar was the first mutant Made in the uh 1600s and so therefore From there the X Gene could have like Spread from him throughout the world or Maybe there's other vibranium deposits That somehow affected other groups of People in different ways and and so Therefore when you catch up and you know A few hundred years pass Um uh you get mutants in the modern day And the X-Men are sort of always here Among Us kind of like Kamal Khan is just Now finding out that she has a mutation I don't know I'm just excited they did The groundwork they laid some uh you Know they they definitely are Paving a Road to where we could get X-Men from Here well Macy kind of what brought to Mind for me was the idea and this is Obviously it's sort of the the MCU Project we don't talk about anymore in Humans uh in humans I correct me if I'm Wrong they get their powers from the Terrigen Mist right so I wonder if the Marvel Cinematic Universe is kind of Trying to bring all these things that Can give people powers and kind of Melding them all into vibranium because We see uh it's it's Neymar's mother Wears that bracelet she make that makes Contact with her skin that's part of why

He gets those powers in the first place So maybe they're just gonna wrap this All into into one vibrating vibrating is The thing that gives you power being Very uh detailed I did get to see the Movie a second time so this is fresher In my mind but I think she takes the Potion while pregnant and I think those Combined factors are what make her Um I thought the briefs had something to Do with it the first time around but I Watched it again and the bracelet was Just a symbolic thing they gave her Saying that her son would be king Because he was the first son of the new Talcan that's not that's not how she Synthesizes the heart-shaped herb Because I not the same thing I thought It had something to do more with the Matching at all did Sheena drink the Potency Yes yeah they say the bracelet is there To denote him as that as a symbol that He will become king but what he also but I think what Shori is able to do because We talked earlier about the confidence Level of the heart-shaped herb you know That they're synthesizing and I thought It was a fiber from the bracelet right The bracelet was made with the yeah it Has like the potion in it essentially But I don't know Combine it with uh t'challa's DNA to Synthesize uh they probably could have

Made that clearer yeah yeah yeah but That was but it's clear the vibranium is Obviously gonna play some kind of I must Not forget we also were introduced to Reread because she made a vibranium Detector like I think that's significant Too it all comes back to vibration for a Class project too I want to know who I Want to know who was the teacher behind That what's the government there's well There's the well theories going on about This because we know that the villain of The next uh Captain America movie at Least one of them will be the leader From the incredible Hulk movie everyone Remembers the leader right that's like Nelson character with the big head yeah Um yeah so the leader is out there he is In Academia he's obviously not the Nicest guy in the world uh maybe he Could have been the professor we also Meet Lake Bell's character who is uh on The ship there which is kind of big Casting for a character Literally thrown away into the ocean Literally she's dead Yeah yeah so yeah as far as like who That Professor was that passed that that Tack along we don't know yet these are All threads that future MCU movies will Probably pick up on as well as the the Val and the Ross of it all yeah that's Huge I think going forward because as we Know uh phase five will end in a

Thunderbolts movie Val is the head of The Thunderbolts you know the Thunderbolts cast I do wonder if maybe Wakanda or uh telecon will be a Target You know she goes up through their Resources they make a big uh you know Pointless movie that she she dreams all Day of what she could do with some Vibranium uh so I'd be interested to see Where that goes but that was obviously a Huge pointed setup uh for Thunderbolts And I think also that you know uh Everett Ross Um could be the son of uh of Um I'm banking on his name It's really curious to what you're gonna Say though yes you're living it's Suspense yeah Everett Ross could be the Son of General Ross like Thunderbolt oh It's not canon in the comments why why Did I never do it it's right there and You know you know Harrison Ford has been A lot of nose too as general Ross and Then we have Everett Ross so who knows That's a really good the MCU loves Taking shortcuts like that Yeah uh now as we begin to wrap things Up uh what do we think what kind of Forever ranks uh in the mcu's phase four Good question uh for me it's kind of in The middle of the pack so I movie wise I Don't like it as much as I liked no way Home and Sean chi I liked it better than

Black Widow and eternals and doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness Um talking about Disney Plus shows one Division is my favorite you know thing Of phase four so it's obviously below That Um it's below like Hawkeye for me so It's it's pretty solidly in the middle Of the pack for me Yeah I would say if I had like a tier One in phase four it has it has one Division has Shang chi in there Spider-Man no way home Loki and then There's sort of like the tier two and That's where I'd put wakanda forever What it did you know emotionally and Allowing us to grieve like Chadwick Boseman and and uh t'challa I thought it Was so impressive and so well done but The movie Just is a little bloated it's Got a weird third act can we talk about The third act real quick It's it's like they they uh they fight a Super powered Nation uh from the water In the water with this weird like Battleship thing I loved like how it Kicked off because I thought it was so Cool how like the dorm Elijah repelling Off this side um as the the telekin you Know are like trying to scale the side And having this um you know cool battle Just don't stop to think about it just Don't have to think about and then like The Black Panther coming in she's like

Dragging her claws uh as she's like Fighting on the on the side of this Battleship I thought it was like so cool But then from there I'm like oh wait This doesn't really make sense the Longer you think about it because like They they don't It's a suicide mission right like we Just need to take out Neymar and do Whatever we can uh and but once they get Neymar away and go fight him on land the Restroom is there to die like and they Almost do but they're almost like Comedically very very cartoonishly all Being back into a corner and it's all The named characters who of course can't Die because they're going to be in like Shows and spin-offs and not to mention Namor was nice enough to give them a Week to prepare like they could have Built a defensive trap We'll build a ship he wanted to do the Voldemort thing which is give everyone a Week to bury their dad yeah he was just Nicer and didn't do it it's just so Weird anyways but yeah uh Black Panther It's it's the middle high tier for me Yeah I'm I'm gonna be in agreement there It is it is I do put uh no way home and Shang Chi and Loki and Juan division Ahead of it I think those are kind of my Strongest of the phase but then we'll Kind of forever coming in we're talking So much about what an effective

Emotional tribute it is to Chadwick Bozeman and it certainly is But and we're talking about it a lot it Is not the majority of the movie The Majority is this swashbuckling Marvel Cinematic Universe Adventure that you Would expect it to be Um and and I think the reason that we're Celebrating the celebration that the Movie has for Chadwick uh is because Once you kind of move past that and pass That story thread there's not quite as Much there yeah like for me it's it's in The mid-range is what I would say that As far as like emotional impact uh it Was there it was there 100 for me uh but I'm one of those individuals where I Look at this movie I look at Marvel Movies and like I I have cousins like Younger cousins and they're comic book Fans because of me they're nerds because Of me uh and they're still young they're On the younger side so they just want They just want they just want the action They want to see their their favorite Superheroes on the big screen fighting These villains they want to see that Type of story and so I think about it in The terms of like you know They don't they haven't really they're Not able to process death as as an adult What would just yet so it has it's it's Kind of taking that element that action Element that Marvel that Marvel element

Kind of out of it a little bit for them You know like I know they're gonna be We're gonna be in the theater like What's what's going on I don't Understand what happened to t'challa you Know and I I'm like I don't know it's Not explained I you know it's uh and Then I'll you obviously explain to them What happened which they already know What happened to Chadwick Boseman so It's I don't know it's it's it gives It's a different element for me as far As like Marvel movies are concerned but It's it's in the it's in the mid-range For me Um I would definitely say uh now uh Before we wrap up uh this was a lot I'm Pretty sure this is a lot for y'all Watching at home this is a lot for us Here Tonight

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