How PlayStation’s Mascot Became an Xbox Property

Crash Bandicoot started his career as the official hype-man of the PS1, But even though he got his start in a Naughty Dog game published by Sony, a series of mergers and acquisitions led to PlayStation’s mascot being an Xbox property in 2022.

What was that uh Max wins the game with A total of 11 points Akeem with three And Jada with a big fat donut yeah That's your prize Max Ooh should it be the same Prize last Week you got 15 uninterrupted seconds to Have any opinion can I go hard can I go You can go real hard with this go ahead Wow it's like I prepared a speech So after Microsoft's shopping spree of Studio Acquisitions over the last few Years there's a long list of video game Licenses that are now technically first Party Xbox properties but possibly the Weirdest outcome is that PlayStation's Biggest competitor is now the home of Its original mascot Crash Bandicoot if You grew up in the 90s crash and Playstation were almost synonymous not Only were the first two crash games Amazing Tech demos what Sony's first Console could do crash himself was an Extremely vocal hype man the mascot Platformer became a literal mascot for The PS1 and millions of people likely Heard about Sony's new console from a Guy in a fursuit yelling through a Megaphone about it in TV commercials I Think we all remember those The first three crash games were Published by Sony but the rights of the Bandicoot himself belonged to Universal Studios video game publishing Wing Universal interactive who also have me

Holding the leash of Sony's second most Popular platformer Spyro the Dragon now In 2001 Sony acquired Naughty Dog the Studio that created crash you've Probably heard of him Universal Interactive merged with another company Become the vendi universal interactive Publishing now if you're following here There's another merger in 2008 vivendi Became part of Activision Blizzard and Then after at that point after a bunch Of like mediocre games and of course the Decline of you know 3D Platformers in General the custody rights for crash Weren't really what most people were Thinking about there then at the 2015 Playstation experience head honcho Sean Layton appeared on stage in a crash T-shirt in a generation of PlayStation Fans went insane was the prodigal Bandicoot returning home well 2016 Turned out to be the year of the Bandicooten crash's 20th anniversary Victory lap saw him popping up all over The place he appeared in a naughty dog Game for the first time this Century it Was an Uncharted game but still and then He was the guest of honor in Skylanders Imaginators which was that Spyro Spin-off that had spun out of control And then finally Activision Blizzard Opened the Nostalgia floodgates in full Modern remakes of the original trilogy And crash team racing paved the way for

A long overdue sequel crash four it's About time and it seemed like Crash Bandicoot and Playstation had rekindled That special connection they had in the 90s Kind of an open relationship so you know Crash could be on other platforms but Still the spark was back At least that's how it felt until Microsoft ran off with Activision Blizzard and bandicoots and dragons and All and so Sony might own naughty dog And Insomniac the studios that created Some of PlayStation's earliest and most Recognizable characters but those Characters themselves have officially Packed their bags and moved in with Their ex's worst enemy so who knows Maybe the next time we see crash he'll Be in the parking lot of PlayStation Headquarters yelling through a megaphone About the wonders of Xbox game pass in Front of a pickup truck full of serious Exes but hey stranger things have Happened there was a time when the idea Of playing a Sega game on a Nintendo System was basically Blasphemous and now That's not only commonplace we have six Entire games about Mario and Sonic going To the Olympics together for Some reason That was longer than that was not 15 Seconds yeah yeah I don't know that's something I've been

Thinking about for a while it's just Sort of weird how like We've joked on This show about like Crash Bandicoot's Divorce being like an idea for a naughty Dog game but that sort of just happened You know like a little too close to home Yeah I know it's it's hard it's hard but I yeah I mean it's uh you know obviously Like Sony's in a weird spot in terms of Like you know character IP we talk about Like you know PlayStation All-Stars Um Battle Royale brawl to the rescue Whatever it's called um but like it's They've got a you know like a stable of Characters but like I feel like some of The ones that you know like they don't Who is who's their Mario at this point Yeah Yes it's Parappa We haven't but we haven't seen Parappa In such a long time you know so that's Why we need him he needs to come back we Also haven't seen decks I want decks [Music]

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