How I Beat Elden Ring’s Malenia Using a Dance Pad

Twitch streamer MissMikkaa recently managed to defeat Malenia, considered to be Elden Ring’s most difficult boss. And she did it using only a dance pad. Here’s how MissMikkaa pulled off this incredible feat.

Stop I'm gonna die to Soldier again How am I supposed to do this I can't Even beat the tutorial boss this is the Humble beginning of one streamer's quest To beat one of the most challenging Video game bosses in recent memory Elden Rings Melania Lord isn't trying to beat her using a Controller like the rest of us she Demands a more arduous challenge which Is why she's using a dance pad And this isn't just about beating Melania she's tackling every single boss In the lands between overcoming Agonizing self-imposed challenges like Fighting without Necessities like camera Movement control and foregoing the use Of things like flasks skills or other Items because there just aren't enough Keybinds on the dance pad for all of Them Look at that second phase two of the day Oh and that's not all this hero did the Whole thing at level one Nice we got the tier this guy seems kind Of rude he's kind of dead that's what he Is hello my name is Miss Mika I'm a Variety streamer and the occasional Cosplayer this is how Miss Mika the Elden Rings Millennia and the entire Game using a Dance Pad at level one Yeah The mark

True Lord we got her oh my God Miss Mika has been streaming for seven Years now while she plays all sorts of Games she has a special love for from Software's Soul Series so of course She's played them all I really really Like Dark Souls 1 because it's my first Souls like that I played holy [ __ ] Yeah I'm cool Under Pressure that's true Man bloodborne is up there I love Bloodborne as sakuro like okay I'm gonna Say all of them And then I'm just gonna name all of them I started playing Dark Souls uh on the Stream and that was my first time ever You know delving into any type of souls Like game and I really really enjoyed The challenge of it and having to learn By like by doing like dying but learning The patterns of the bosses and all that That was I thought that was really cool So I just played through all of the Source likes when I was done it was like Now what I need more after Dark Souls 3 Miss Mika stated her need for more souls Games by doing challenge runs playing Through the game with a self-imposed Limitation that made it more difficult For her she played through Dark Souls 3 Entirely at level one never leveling up Once bye bye boss Bye bye and now with Elden ring she's Doing the same thing first she played Through the game normally and my first

Build in Elden ring was bleed built I Started with hook gloss and I thought it Was really cool I I saw you I almost Missed him Like many of us miss Mika encountered The infamous Melania during her normal Playthrough it took her a whopping 329 Attempts to kill her the first time Not a great attempt for my side Exacerbated by refusing to summon Assistance from other players or even to Use Spirit ashes During all that time she momentarily Worried that spending so much time on a Single boss would bore her audience but Miss Mika had nothing to worry about I I Realized a lot of people were struggling On Millennia and I I remember at that Time because that was when elderly Released everyone was like watching Streamers be stuck on Millennia for First Whole streams you know it was very fun Encouraged by how popular Millennia Fights were Miss Mika finished Eldon Ring and jumped straight into challenge Runs she's done several now including a No death run killing all bosses Everything did it Oh my God yes a one-handed playthrough And then another one-handed playthrough Entirely at level one I didn't feel finished with Ellen ring I Was like what can I do and I had seen

Like back in 2016 2017 I've seen Streamer friend of mine she's a dance Bad challenge in Dark Souls 3. and I've Always felt like a little bit like yeah That seems such a cool idea such a cool Idea nervous yeah I'm nervous I'm really Nervous this is very different from Anything I've done and this is the look When I started playing with a dance spot I died to solder of godric three times I'm gonna die to Soldier Just a tutorial boss he's he's very easy Like maybe not like he should be easy For me since I've played so much Souls Games And yeah so I died to him three times Which was like how am I supposed to do This I can't even beat the tutorial boss I'm pressing the wrong button to dodge That's the problem but it's all it's all Muscle memory when it comes to Controllers in general so like after Hours and hours of trying you just kind Of you just kind of get better and Better see what I mean we're learning We're evolving evolving and in the end It would be like this is the button I Press when I need to heal so just press The button okay let's heal But you know it's it's like using a Controller but of course it's not your Your feet or legs are not as fast as Your hands typically so it's not as easy Is mine but wait how

Heaven work Mika uses a program called Joy to key to Bind keys to a Dance Pad but apart from That her controller setup isn't all that Fancy I've gone through this is my third Dance Pad because they break pretty easy They're not good quality wait that's not Enough buttons for Elden ring no not Enough So basically with a Dance Pad I walk With the arrows this attack this is Dodge this is heel always and this one Could be usually his arrow down if I Need to switch items use a healing Potion and then a stick flask for Example then I can switch with this one And also I have the start buttons here This uh this one is used for targeting This is how I control the camera by Targeting so there's no way for me to Control the camera besides looking Forward or looking at an enemy right And the start button is um That one I assigned depending on the Boss fight for example if if I need to Jump on obstacle or jump to dodge an Attack then it start but maybe I need to Use an ash of War so instead we can Put that one there miss Mika effectively Is always missing at least a few of her Basic abilities at any given moment when She's playing on the Dance Pad she can Swap her keybinds in between battles so She has an optimal setup for what's to

Come but ultimately she's always having To choose between things like using Flasks moving her camera using skills And using other items not easy and That's all ignoring the fact that she's Also playing the entire game at level 1 Meaning she never uses any of the runes She acquires from killing enemies and Bosses but in the meantime without using Runes Miss Mika's stats never go past Their starting values her health never Goes up and many of the game's weapons With stat requirements will remain Completely unusable for her how then is Miss Mika managing to fight off bosses That an average player would face at Level 20 40 60 or even 100. when you Play a level one uh run in general You need to think about how much damage Like how are you gonna output damage I Decided to go for bleed build since this Percentage-based damage So like no matter how low damage ideal And how bad starts my stats are I will Always do a percentage damage as long as I get the bleed Prock in I've gone with two banded curved swords It's been the most common weapon because It's really a really versatile weapon it Applies bleed really fast and I also use The Scavengers curved sword if I need a Frost rocket there it's Infuse it with With cold this Mika also starts runs Like this with a bit of setup to make

Sure she has optimal items to help her Out she makes sure to pick up a Talisman Called Radigan Source seal in Fort Farath which she says is very difficult To do on the Dance Pad due to numerous Bats harpies ghosts and rats running Around go pick it up Radical sorcile grants a significant Stat increase to multiple stats for the Cost of increasing damage taken not Exactly a penalty since playing at level 1 basically means one hit deaths most of The time anyway but how did that kill me She also grabs flame of the red mates Near Fort jail to better set things on Fire and the skill bloody slash in Fort Hate thanks to the awkwardness of Dance Pad controls the road to Melania is Paved with plenty of challenges not all Of them combat related any area that Involves precise movement is especially Tricky to navigate Aha which is why I'm especially Astonished that Miss Mika is finishing Her level one Dance Pad run by getting Her favorite ending the Lord of frenzied Flame if you've never seen that ending We won't spoil the Final End Game Scene It unlocks here but to understand Miss Mika's incredible feat we have to show You the Absurd parkour puzzle that leads To it even with a regular controller Accurately performing every single jump And drop all the way to the bottom of

This pit can take players hours of Frustrating death after death Oh God oh God oh God I got a God on a Dance Pad this is nothing short of a Miracle okay All right All right I think we made it now the road to Millennia as well has a lot of different Like hardcore elements in there those Were really hard also anywhere where There's a lot of enemies because says I Can't control my camera I can only look At one enemy at a time which means that Like Ronaldo for example is a really Hard boss much harder than she should be Every time she summons in phase two and You lose focus of her so you have to Find her again with with the dance but I Want to look at her not the Dragon Goddamn it's not like you can look in Any direction you know you can look Forward or you can look at the like you Have to find the Enemy by walking on That spot basically which takes us to Miss Mika's celebrated achievement Defeating the game's hardest boss Melania at level one using a Dance Pad It took her 553 tries We got her Daughter oh my God Melania is very difficult in general and But also it's hard to get perfect Movements and for example waterfowl

Dance if you're close range you need to Have like almost perfect dodging to get Out of that just the fact that you're Level one no matter like how much armor You put on you will hit One-Shot it Oh okay she came in with that one also Since it was so hard to Dodge I decided To go with a light roll which means I Have no I had to go like no armor Basically to avoid eating one Shadow Overall I had to really plan out a min Max all my gear all my talismans and my Physics flask all of that to make it Perfect so I would survive uh it was a a Lot of trial and never error on on Millennia but the camera movement is Really one of the hardest things you Struggle with when when fighting with on A Dance Pad despite how difficult the Fight was Miss Mika was never Discouraged or felt like giving up she Says Melania hasn't gotten boring not Even after well over 800 attempts Combined between her level 1 Dance Pad Run and initial run plus all the other Attempts on her other challenge runs in Fact Miss Mika has developed a lot of Love for all of Elden Ring's bosses over Her runs though there's one boss in Particular that she finds killing Especially satisfying it was fun to kill Gideon level one on a Dance Pad I did a First try and it's just fun to see him Die more

I have a history with Gideon This little trophy here that I got from A Community member Died to Gideon this was on my no death Run I came all the way to Gideon you Know this three bosses left Gideon and Horalu and eldenbeast and then I died to Gideon and I was like everyone was Laughing at me peanut Jesus Christ if I Died to Gideon Thought well until now now that Miss Mika has finished her absurd Self-imposed Elden ring challenge run What's next unsurprisingly she has an Idea for how to crank up the difficulty Even higher I've been thinking about doing this Crazy challenge run I'm not even sure if It's going to be possible imagine doing Like playing the game twice Um with completely different controller So Dance Pad and also controller And then you play it on the PlayStation And also a PC at the same time And I think that could be pretty cool For now miss Mika is taking a bit of a Break from the game when we spoke she Said she was considering doing a God of War playthrough entirely in Kratos Cosplay and she's since streamed other Games including scorn and Fallout 4 but Even with over 900 hours put into Eldon Ring it's unlikely that Miss Mika is Done with the lands between for good

Oh Hey we got him hey we got him I don't Think I can ever say for real truly not Yet I I need to get a thousand hours now Ring first before I can give it up and And then maybe we'll work in 2000 we'll See

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