Hogwarts Legacy – Room of Requirement Personalization Developer Commentary

Watch as the develepers of Hogwarts Legacy visit the Room of Requirement, an entire space that can be personalized by the player. Also shown is the Vivarium where beasts are cared for.


All right Andrew's got us in the room of Requirement uh wearing we we kind of Went casual mode on the outfit here Wearing a nice jumper Um and and I think that's a good jumping Off point jumping off point For uh the personalization of the space As well not just your character and and The visuals of your character but Actually this space is a place that you Can make your own Um yeah it was super important to us That this space really did feel like Um your reflection as a wizard so you Can change the architecture in here Different themes throughout starkly Different themes to really just Hammer Home that this is this is yours oh my God what this is beautiful we never Expected that to be oh my God That's the thing is not only can you Change the architecture here but you can Actually conjure little objects uh into This space as you can see so You there's like statues that you can do And ornaments and tables and rugs and Just a bunch of little things that Really flesh out the space and bring it To life oh my goodness because like we We had an idea that those places where You brew stuff that's what you can Change but you can do a whole of this Where do you even get this stuff like There's a furniture store yeah so we

Call them conjurations uh and the Conjuration recipes can be purchased at Tomes and Scrolls in hogsmeade but also As you engage in different types of Gameplay throughout the world you'll be Rewarded with different objects that's So cool and you changed color you can Change the color you can change the size Of it and you can place it basically Anywhere oh my God it's so tiny it's Like her baby niffler and I love how the The system too is designed it's not Mechanical it's immersive and so you get The magical effect of conjuring it in And you're you're you're actually doing This in the world as your character but The way you've Blended like that Gameplay with the immersive uh design of Personalizing the space god like and I Love the animation how it like appears You know like it's not just like there It's like it almost like it operates it Is really quite beautiful and that was The thing is we wanted that to look Really nice because the Magic in The Wizarding World is everywhere it's it's Physical it's kinetic and it's whimsical We really wanted to nail that Whimsy in This space another thing that I wanted To discuss is that not only can you like Conjure things and you can change their Their look but you can do that with the Utility objects as well so you can see That we have planting pots and potion

Stations and you could change the look Of those as well and these are the areas Where as we had mentioned previously You'll be growing your plants you'll be Brewing your potions So while you're also doing these uh like Kind of nurturing based activities this Is also the space where you would bring Your gear Gear to be identified and Geared to have um like rates put on it Which I believe Alan can talk to oh yeah Um I we keep bringing up appearance and And how it looks and and on like uh in The game you can look like anything you Want to whenever you want to Um but the player will be finding Different types of gear that we call it Uh as you progress through the game and Essentially we just know that that Clothes and different items in The Wizarding World can have different Magical properties and as you uh as you Explore and as You Adventure as you Defeat enemies you're going to be Finding different pieces of gear that Have different abilities and that can Help you in your journey and are a major Part of you kind of growing as a wizard And advancing as a wizard and so it's a Huge list and not all the time uh Whenever whenever you get a new piece of Gear you don't necessarily know exactly What it does and so there's a station Inside of the room of requirement that

You can conjure it's one of the first Things you conjure uh called an Identification station where you can Actually see that that gear that you're Uncertain about and learn what its Abilities are right yeah that's so cool And then as the space advances even Further and the space will eventually Grow its own rooms and you're going to Get new recipes you know like like McKenzie's talking about all these Different things keep expanding and as It expands eventually you're going to Earn what we see here which is called a Loom and when you set up a loom it's an Ability to essentially customize exactly Which magical properties are on your Gear and take any piece of gear and Adjust its properties and to tweak what It does and I mentioned earlier that That you can make anything look like Anything the collection of of cus of Appearances we call it or Cosmetics We've been referring to it right the Stream those types of things you can use And you you can apply a look to any Other other look so if you get a piece Of gear you put it on you look like that But you can change it to look like Whatever you want That's so cool and like you just you can Just put some ability to this sweater But then you can just swap yeah that Ability yep and the appearances you can

Edit whenever you want in the gear Screen the loom is specifically about Applying uh traits and and applying uh Larger upgrades that just kind of grant You greater statistical advantage or Give you really specific abilities that Blend in nicely with where you're trying To go with your combat fantasy or Talents and things like that interesting I'm just like I've just seen that They're just like up skin fur mooncuffer Where does that come from yeah and so You'll notice that the ingredients that Are used to add traits and to upgrade Your gear are based around beasts so This is where we get into the Beast care Section which is inside this vivario on A bigger space on the inside idea and so You can see here we have a couple of Beasts out we have a graph horn and a Moon calf and a niffler and a nasal as Well quite a variety oh my God he's just Like a big puppy Oh my God they're together Oh he's heading them as well but feeding Them too and so once you do those things That's when they feel safe enough they Can they'll give you their their magical Ingredients so mooncap for Um niffler fur Etc that can then be used In your in your gear that is like so Like intuitive because like you know That makes sense because when you touch The animals you get some fur leftovers

That's so Oh my God yeah and we really want to Hammer home the fact that this is like a Home that you're making for them so in The Overland you can find these Beast Ends and rescue these beasties part of Doing so is crushing them and feeding Them food as well and to build that Relationship with with your beef in Addition to be able to care for beasts You can actually conjure things in this Space as well uh the house the cottage Yeah right and so we have like a lot of Little ornaments in this area and a lot Of them are purely cosmetic but they Look really cool again it's the Personalization of this space oh my Goodness no this is like I'm gonna spend Eight hours just designing this whole Area to personalize this is like cool It's like you have this little clay area Like a personalized fish tank so to say Just for the creatures I love it yeah no Totally and there's like a decoration Aspect but there's also we were saying Inside uh as well is there's a utility Utility aspect to it too so as you Progress in the game and you're able to Purchase more conjurations you're able To speed up your process so one of them For example is the food processor which Allows for the beast in the space to Automatically get feed so you don't have To do it manually and so you're really

Building the progression for yourself Here in addition there's also a toy box Where you can play with your beasts You'll see here yeah so you can there's A bunch of toys in it and each Beast has Their own favorite toy so as you can Imagine the moon calf really likes the Moon ball or the needle as like a little Cat really likes to chase the yarn ball All right and they're super cute Oh my God watching them it's so cute And the big thing we really wanted to Hammer home uh is that the world is a Dangerous place and so by going and Rescuing these beasts and bringing them Back here and caring for them you're Really helping helping them out there's Poachers in the Overland uh who want to Who hunt these Beasts for their material So instead you're caring for them you're Giving them a home right Corn is just gigantic But he looks like my dog Oh you could actually name them as well So like your dog So getting back into that Personalization you know yeah we didn't Want you to just like throw in oh here's A here's a graph horn in here like this Can be named whatever Andrew's about to Name them Bruce And you can get additional vivariums Correct uh it's a different kind of

Aesthetics and looks to where you're Keeping your beast and caring for them Percussion is a big part of the space as Well so as you progress through the Story you will unlock It's quite Meadow themed big open right But there's other ones say like a swamp That you might encounter and it's really A visual effect to and more space for For your feet oh so it's like those when We're inside the room requirement There's like on the left there's that Moon glow from one entrance and then Some Shrubbery going on in the right is That what you're talking about that's Exactly it oh you put trees in here too Oh my goodness And and another thing with the the Beast Care that I think is is great uh you Know tying back to this same kind of Thing that you did with like the broom Where the broom is not just a method of Travel it's it's actually built in and Integrated into the world in the same Way like Beast care isn't just this this Added element you're not just throwing It on top there's really this like Narrative and integration to Yeah everything everything so as you Progress through the missions you'll Expand the space Um as you earn resources you'll go into Hogsmeade and and use them to uh unlock The gameplay here and unlock new

Conjurations and different things to Play around with in the open world uh It's in those different Um in those different environments like The different combat and conflicts and Bandit camps and different things like That that exist in the Overland those Things are what hold recipes that exist In the loom so all these things have a Way of connecting Um Moonstone that you find out in the World is the resource that we use to Conjure everything that's found Throughout the world forageables are Used for recipes so really everything's Like a everything's like a cycle and Keeps you coming back but even with the Story that's being told too you know I Think people know who poppy is and and Uh that she has a particular affinity For beasts yeah I mean I think Everything we're seeing here you know You're going to be venturing out into The world uh and and this is just kind Of the tip of the iceberg or even even Of kind of like your interactions with Based on that narrative so you know you Bringing up poppy they're more they're More uh kind of mysteries to discover And things to discover around the world That have to do with her and that have To do with caring for beasts and so Different characters have their own have Their own stuff uh uh that that just

Kind of make this all just kind of the Beginning the beginning of your journey

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