Hogwarts Legacy: Guided Combat Gameplay (With Commentary)

Curious about the combat in Hogwarts Legacy? Well look no further! Ride along with a few of the developers of Hogwarts Legacy as they show you wants in store for players when the wands start shooting!

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Wands which is the secret not so secret Dueling Club is that the students have Put together professors definitely know About it but they think they're being Clever and it's run by this Luke and Bradleby here who's in a younger year But we kind of like that this that he's Running things Hello Lucan may I use the training dummy I'll fight you to do a list of Combinations to practice ready to have a Try now That would be wonderful be sure to cast All your spells before the dummy lands If you need to stop practicing before You finish all of them let me know this Is a really good opportunity to now jump Into combat because really in the game This is going to be uh the first time Where you yourself get to learn about Combat and combos in a big way and in a New way for me personally this is where The game like really starts to open up To the possibilities uh yeah so we've Set up uh We've set up a training dummy And this is kind of an activity where You're supposed to execute according to Kind of the iconography on the top now What we see on the top is the accio Spell followed by for what we just kind Of lovingly refer to as basic shots There are certain spells with the Wizards kind of like use just kind of Fling Andrew's using one now

And you trigger that by tapping R2 on Your controller so you can see in the Corner R2 so if you tap R2 that throws Out a basic shot but that R2 is also Your gateway to all of the the uh spells That you might slot so if you hold R2 Instead you can see how the diamond Expands and if we let go you see how it Contracts yeah and so if you hold it Again it expands and so when it expands And all the spells that you slotted While you're holding that button can now Be tapped with your face buttons awesome And not only that but over the course of The game you can gain Um additional spell diamonds up to four Additional ones so that you can slot up To 16 spells you know pretty much Instantly and then that helped us Um fulfill the fantasy of in combat I Need to be able to access things very Rapidly yeah and and so you learn over The course of these events you know how To juggle not just the spell casting but Also it reinforces an understanding of Another feature of the wheel which is Their cooldowns so as you're casting Spells just to make sure that you're not Just kind of like repeatedly using one Thing over and over again you can see Cooldowns on the spells that he's using Uh on the wheel and then as you progress Through the game there are different Things that can affect things like

Cooldowns through your talents uh Different things that allow you to kind Of like juggle and adjust and update Those things and so if you hold down our R2 and you tap the d-pad it will switch Between your other diamonds if you've Unlocked them and and that's how you Access all this oh man We'll figure about to get some action Over here Yeah so this is this is a great way to Kind of learn how to Pull things together Um Together yeah Accio tap tap tap awesome And that's just against the dummy but I Mean uh I'd say that's enough practice He looks good out there thank you Looking I say better to discover one's Weaknesses during practice than during a Duel you'll be a fearsome Challenger now I think now we can uh we can take on Something a little more challenging it's Going to shoot back Now let's talk about uh some more Features of the combat system Hello Lucan is the next round of cross Ones all said why yes it is I've got a Great match lined up ready for another Round we're on a PS5 dev kit here so We're going to be able to kind of pause The pause the action yeah and talk about What you're seeing on the screen because

There's about to be a lot going on okay Okay Um All right here you can select uh if you Want to fight with somebody else yeah But in this case we're not we want we Want that action to feel a little more Frantic towards you to really get you That sense of of uh of combat So apparently you've uh got quite the Reputation because they've got you up Against 53 yeah off the Jump Um so I can I can explain this uh just Because I know people are going to go Into it but we can probably just kind of Jump in Um so uh you're not the only one that Has protego and the ability to deflect The enemies do too and we actually play With that when it comes to the spell Casting so you notice that there are Different colored kind of shields around The different characters and you'll also Notice that your spells have different Colors on them so to help players Understand kind of like the function of Their spells we try to put them into Brackets so there are damage spells There are four spells there are um Freaking the other one all the sudden Control spells and so those things for The player they wind up also being a Color indicator for which which actual Spell to use to break the different

Shields that uh enemies can use that way It rewards kind of like that close Attention that you're paying payments on Things we've got this paused here now And you can kind of see all the elements On the screen the the halo around the Avatar's head each of the different Shields uh to kind of give us give us Breakdown let's break down different Things that you're saying Um so you'll notice at the top uh that We're we're kind of like calling out Which enemy you currently have targeted And their level and health and so you Know as you target different characters You'll be able to get that breakdown the Uh the halo over your head whenever an Enemy is about to an attack it's it's Almost like you have a little bit of a Sixth sense for those things that are Coming Um if you see the Halo it means there's An incoming attack and if you tap the Triangle button by default then that You'll be able to deflect that attack That comes in and I love that deflector It goes off and and like hits things up And kind of breaks things off walls too But also uh if you hold the button then It doesn't just it doesn't just deflect It also deflects and turns around with a Counter attack Stupify that actually Stuns the enemy and you can use that Even in your Combos and stuff so if

You're focused on a character you know And you're you're doing your thing and Someone else attacks you you can Actually turn that attack into the Director attack on the person that You're comboing back into into gameplay Here Andrew's gonna Pretty pretty handily finished these These other students off here is win This dude without capacity If I could dance Yeah we really felt like the um we Really felt like in the movies there's Almost like a There's this element of kind of like Fencing from a very great distance and a Good call and there are a lot of uh a Lot of things that we had to do with With our controls and combat system in Order to kind of capitalize on that idea Yeah that's pretty unique to The Wizarding World understandable well Perhaps you should try that next time They're the Duelists have already taken Notice of you but after that last round They'll really have it in for you you'd Better keep practicing if you want a Chance at winning or at least surviving The next round I'll let you know when we're ready hope To see you then The next round is for all the gobstones So to speak And that is

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