Hogwarts Legacy – Dark Arts Battle Arena Developer Commentary

In a deeper combat dive, watch as the Hogwarts Legacy developers pass through the Forbidden Forest before riding a Thestral to the Dark Arts Battle Arena. The Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, Thestral Mount, and Dark Arts Battle Arena are available exclusively in the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition or for purchase in-game in the Dark Arts Pack.


All right Andrew's got us in the Forbidden Forest which is where the dark Arts battle arena is uh which is part of The deluxe and digital deluxe edition I I love the way that the dark arts battle Arena is actually uh part of the world That's integrated into the world so your Experience is more immersive than just Choosing an option from from the main Menu of the game or something like that Forbidden exactly there are many reasons To go to the Forbidden Forest but uh He's also wearing the uh dark arts Cosmetic set and uh here he's pulling Out the thestral which is oh my God part Of that dark arts pack from the deluxe And digital deluxe edition so we're Going full full dark arts here oh that's Good that's why I'm going down but I Like this uh this battle arena it is a Great place to show off Um really combat in a big way because it Unlocks some interesting abilities for You and allows you to to really play Around with uh combat in a deep way and Is this like the only Arena like this in The game where you can like practice it Yeah so in the in the base game we have Uh two combat Arenas normally that and So everyone has access to those and each Of the combat Arenas are an opportunity To kind of just go through a difficult Combat Challenge fight through multiple Waves in order to earn a a different

Cosmetic for your character and add that To your collection in the case of the That's no different than the dark arts Battle arena that's also true of the Combat Arena but uh but uh one of the Things that we're excited about in the Dark arts battle arena that people can Do is is you come in pre-loaded with Different abilities so uh the Unforgivable curses are something that Everyone's going to have access to Through the base game and going to be Able to earn and they can make choices In order to kind of like add that to Their repertoire and they can also Commit to that down with certain talents And things like that when you when you Play the Dark Horse combat Arena you Actually have access to all those things As kind of like a way to test them all And so it's a chance to kind of like Tour and play with the dark arts and Decide whether or not that is a path That you kind of want to go down but but Yeah everyone has the same ability to Explore explore the dark arts this is Just kind of like a way of previewing And again a great place for us to show Off combat in general uh so I think We're gonna jump in here Andrew's gonna Start just start battling and we can Start talking about everything you're Seeing on the screen all right Away oh my God we're starting off strong

Strong Oh my God that's so cool yeah so that You'll you'll notice right away like When we use Avada Kedavra that guy's how Far went from instant to zero and we Really are trying to honor the way Avada Cadaver works in the game even in some Pretty extreme situations Um you'll notice that like the the meter Takes up a lot longer to yeah build up As a way to kind of deal with its Extreme power just that it's still fun To use and then there's some some ways That we'll probably talk about to to to Adjust that but I don't know I I don't Know if there are things on the screen That you just have questions about well Like I see like little blue things From the enemies also we put like that Sign well it's like so in the community We call it the ancient magic sign I Don't know if that's how it's called Yeah in the game so the community is a Scoop so uh on the development side and In player facing in the game we Reference that as your ancient magic Community It is ancient magic yeah so as your as Your abilities in the game keep growing And you become exposed to some of the Secrets about your own kind of history And your own your own abilities Um you start unlocking new powers so one Of those Powers you'll see the R1 button

Appearing throughout the game team That's an ancient magic throw we call it That allows you to kind of like draw an Object to you and fling it at an enemy Um okay but whenever you see the R1 or The L1 plus R1 up here over somebody's Head that's an ability to cast a very Devastating and Powerful uh Angel magic Spell to do a ton of damage against the Character and the way that manifests Itself uh depends on the type of enemy That you're fighting and you'll see a Wide variety of enemies in here that are Pressuring the player in different ways You'll notice there's there's uh Abilities that kind of bubble up under The player as it's fighting that forcing To move and there's different ways that We want the player to kind of move Around on the battlefield and that's Actually a good link to the intermagic Meter in general the reason I say that Is because as you're doing different Things in combat you're portugaling and You're doing different abilities and you Can kind of spec into your talents there Are different ways to get that meter to Build faster and faster so one of the Most effective base ways to build up That meter fast that way you can launch These devastating attacks whenever you Want to is is to actually perform combo It's almost like your your emotions are Building up and then basically that

Builds up enough that you can attack Someone but as the combo meter builds up At some point you strike someone and a Piece of their magic kind of falls out Of them you'll see these blue orbs in in The in the game world and there's Something that only you can see in in The narrative in the world and it's Another reason to move around on the Battlefield if you can go up and collect Those things and suck them in they give Big big jumps to that ancient meter as We're playing we're talking a lot about About spells uh and Magic here but I Think there's another huge component of Combat and that is the the tools that You can bring to combat as well to kind Of uh change the way you play and I Think Mackenzie knows a lot about what's Going on with the plants and proteins And so the the tools are really Interesting because they're basically Like a prior investment so you can bring The potions and the plants that you grow In the room of requirement to combat to Essentially kind of help you defeat Enemies a lot quicker and more Efficiently so some of the tools that You'll see here are like the rock Skin Potion so that is something that Basically covers your skin in this like Rocky material that reduces the incoming Damage that you're receiving so against Big enemies hard-hitting enemies like

Trolls that's super helpful Um oh my God she's just destroying the Troll just collapsed from whatever Obviously we have the Wicked Wheel Potion as well which increases your Health and then we have the focus lotion So when Alan talks about having to Balance Avada Kadabra with a long Cooldown because obviously it's an Instant kill one thing that you could do Is brew a focus potion and that will Increase how quickly your your cooldowns Regain right There's just so much like a versatility Like what the character is doing to the Troll right now like he's just bouncing Around around the arena he's like not And the troll makes him move around too Looks like and I love that our plants Are violent yes and so that's like when We're talking about the almost the uh Setup of the Arena you also have plants That you can fight with and so we have Things like the venomous tentacula that You could put down and it acts like a Turret and it just kind of shoots Enemies around the battlefield that is So cool this is like a truly like Hufflepuffian way to approach the battle No that was super important to us but There were things like multiple ways and So you can see there's there's a ton of Different things you can use uh the Mandrake is one so you can pull it out

And it stuns with it's like piercing Cries enemies uh in a radius another Thing I want to call out uh that we're Seeing on the side of the screen here is These these dueling Feats which I love Because I love anything that prompts me To play a game in a different way a Unique way I don't want to get stuck in My style you know know uh and and so This is a way to if you want to get Stuck in your style go for it if you Just want to blast people with spells go For it but we also want to uh have some Things over here that may make you use Certain plants or certain potions or Block more or yeah we mentioned the Field guide challenges Um uh in the fire stream and the field Guide challenge is this is the way that The field guide manifests like Challenges for you to do and exactly to Your point Um we just wanted a way to encourage Players to to explore the different Systems to help them decide to just kind Of practice with them and explore what They want to be because there really are So many different ways that you can push Talents when you see the the green x's On characters that's right and that's Kind of uh through your talents you can Unlock this kind of cursing mechanic That sort of like links the fates of These different characters on the

Battlefield that way uh as you get the As you're cursing different characters They all begin sharing damage and so we Have things like Avada kadaver which is The insta-kill but if you curse everyone Before you insta kill this one guy they Can all drop dead for that kind of Ultimate And so oh my god there are there are Dark ice fantasies there's fantasies About being more of a defense against The dark arts character things like that That Misty step that you see um Occasionally being used on the Battlefield and we can also spec into Potions and plants to make them more Powerful and more efficacious so it's All about which type of player you feel Like you are and whether or not you want To play with prep on the fly or with Deliberation and those are all different Options that is so cool because like It's like I see so much like going on Honest into so much complexity and I I Want to just try it myself like which Style works best I mean I feel like it's The Dark Horse is going to be basis Ancient magic to be honest feels like Much more powerful than just the dark Hearts

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