Hogwarts Legacy – Broomstick and Hippogriff Flight Developer Commentary

Flying on broomsticks has always been a big part of the Harry Potter series, so ride along with the developers of Hogwarts Legacy as they show off both broomstick and Hippogriff flying, as well as showing a glimpse of what the world looks like when the seasons change.

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And we're starting right where we left Off in our last gameplay showcase just Outside Hogwarts which I I love that we Can you can walk out of the castle after Walking through everything and then just Come out here and take off on your broom Out into the open world and Alan I know That's something that you particularly Like about Hogwarts Legacy too yeah I'm I'm uh I'm a big fan of just being able To hop on the broom and go anywhere There's something about kind of like the The sensation of of everything being Open to you and just I love the Proximity that I can get to things I Love flying close to the ground and and I I kind of wanted to talk about it just Because I feel like Um you know the brooms are fun for me Not just because of all those feelings Of exhilaration but but because they're Not just I have a broom and it's done I Actually kind of like some of the Mechanics in it so you can you see in The lower right there's a meter there And and occasionally as Andrew's kind of Flying up or flying down you might Notice it in draining or not and and This isn't the present day where all the Broom technology is well known and Advanced and and everything that we know And love this is an earlier time where They're still trying to figure out you Know we're not at the 3000 yet we're

Like we're at the 11. so I just I'm just So speechless right now because this is Just so beautiful the world this looks So by the way the the broom is like the Only one or can you like operate the Brooms yeah so we have uh stop in Hog's Meat actually a broom shop and so that Sells a variety of different brooms and It was important to us that the player Could customize themselves based on Their own Aesthetics so they're purely Cosmetic but uh if you talk to the Shopkeep and help him out he'll actually Sell upgrades And those those upgrades will make it so That where normally the broom you can Only fly Um you can only go at Max Speed it's Kind of like a turbo meter down there You can only go at Max Speed without the Meter going down kind of closer to the Ground and as you raise into the air You'll notice the meter drop and so Those upgrades will allow you to Increase that distance from the ground And there the the broom owner at at the Sporting goods store in in hogsmead is Trying to perfect the broom and get Better at it and and know it better and You can participate that and get better And better brooms through this I see and I love that that mechanic encourages you To actually explore the world and kind Of stay close to the ground it's not

Just a travel mechanic point A to point B you're not just flying high over Everything although it is beautiful Something I really love doing but as Well there's lots to lots to explore on The ground and so kind of keeping you Down at the ground level to me it feels Like it's got this kind of Surfing Vibe Over the oh really good like I'm just Like I want to snatch the controller From Andrew right now because I want to Go to the Mountaintop I'm going to the Forest enter that Hamlet We're gonna we're actually gonna land Here and I I feel like I feel like that You call it a hamlet is is just perfect Just because that's what we refer to That is and so uh we all know for more That hogsmeade is the only all Wizarding Village within Britain but we wanted Other opportunities to kind of meet Other characters out here and to kind of Populate the landscape so it's not just Kind of you know Barren as you leave out This direction in that direction and so We just imagine these different Dwellings these different smaller Locations that that Wizards might live In out in the Scottish Highlands and so It's those uh and so we refer to those As hamlets and their opportunities to Learn those wizard stories Um how those different locations have Kind of like learned to live what their

Relationships are with characters that Hogs me from Hogwarts and so they're Both Quest opportunities out here and a Chance to kind of get to know more of The area even Beyond Hogwarts and Hogsmead that we've already experienced And you'll also notice on the mini map Like lots of little icons and each one Of those represent gameplay in in the Hamlets that you can participate in you Know whether it's a vendor or different Puzzles and challenges or different Secrets that exist each one of those Icons are different opportunities for Gameplay and you'll notice that that Same thing as we venture out into the Open world as well so when you go out Into the open world and you see see Those icons whether they're on the mini Map or on your map or off in the Distance those things are opportunities To say like I want to increase my Inventory capacity their puzzles left Behind by old Wizards you know that you Can solve that actually Grant you those If you see ruins off in the off in the Distance and you visit them you might Find Opportunities to actually expand And learn about your ancient magic and As you and as you kind of encounter Different enemies dotted on the Landscape sometimes those characters Poachers or dark Wizards might be Hoarding different uh magical resources

That are valuable to you as you're Playing the game so each one has kind of Like a way to connect to our gameplay Loops and provide different Opportunities that just kind of reward You for poking around them and mean I Right away when I want to just cover all Of those points on the map just been Going over there well we've flown on a Broom already but there is something That we haven't done so far and that is Uh getting on our flying Mount we're Gonna hop on our Onyx hippogriff here The Onyx hippogriff is our pre-order Bonus oh my God he's just like tops out Of the The back oh wait you can use It Of course yeah um as a hippogriff you Can you can totally write it like a Ground Mount and you can lift off into The air and we tried to make sure that Each each of those interactions so the Broom's really good at reaching that top Speed at kind of traveling the world as Quickly as possible but sometimes it's Really nice to get on the hippogriff Because of that ground speed or those Transitions and sometimes it just feels Amazing just to be riding around on it Okay yeah it's it really is kind of like Uh I don't know it's a great feeling Being on it and it's a great feeling Managing those transitions kind of going

From run to fly and just being able to Go wherever you want and we tried to Make sure that that though that each one Of these things that you can interact With have have a unique identity and a Reason for being And oh my God like I see like different Like areas like a swampy area by the way Can you go to like entire map anywhere You go there are regions that are like Locked from you yeah as soon as as soon As you there's kind of a moment where The world kind of opens up to you Outside side of Hogwarts as a student And right from that moment early on in The game you can go wherever you want And so you might find more difficult Challenges in different areas and you'll See different spots as Andrew's moving Around like you mentioned the swamp but There we have got like a coast and we've Got different types of environments out In the world just to kind of uh pepper Your experience reward you for exploring Keep things fresh all those things exist As we're moving around I love that Windmill it's like so rustic like I keep Forgetting that this is like 1800s The Wizarding World we've never really sing Before like it feels so authentic like It just it's part of it yeah I love this Vista too and and I'm gonna have Andrew Stop here we're gonna use a bit of Dev Magic to uh change the seasons actually

I want to see I want you to see what This world looks like uh covered in snow Yes yes Please I love snow White Oh this is so beautiful oh my goodness This is so pretty okay it was so Realistic Oh my God it changes the landscape like Completely oh my God does it have like Actual like gameplay impact like an Impact on the gameplay or just like it's Just the weather of Scotland uh yeah we Use it we really use it as a narrative Marker through through the game so as You're progressing through your main Storyline it was important for us to Kind of like have those moments that Kind of felt like when you're reading The books or watching the movies where You know you'll see kind of like the Title card winter and now the landscape Has changed and you're really feeling Those that passage of time while you're A student you know going through your Year in Hogwarts and I think I think we Wanted to duplicate that and for me it's Really fun that it's not just on the Outside which which I I agree I think it Was really beautiful Um but within the school as well so There are moments like when it reaches Certain holidays or things like that Where hogsmead

Holidays and the school reacts to Holidays and you see the decorations Around those environments change that Really helped just kind of make me feel Like I'm there right and and it's not Just uh it's not just you know for the Seasons those those kind of vibe things Um like we have a day night cycle and That day night cycle it even though Similarly like it's largely about Vibe When you go into hogsmeade in the Evening there's less characters there Around the school you'll notice it kind Of dies down and quiets down just I mean There's just Candlelight and students Kind of like as you're walking through The Halls But in that day night cycle is where We've kind of placed a few items where You know whether or not you can collect Them or whether or not you can interact With them with that are a little bit Restricted by the day night cycle And I love Andrews flying up here really High up on the hippogriff and and we're Just looking at this view of Hogwarts in The distance it's just absolutely Beautiful it's part of what I love most About flying around in this game whether It's on a hippogriff or or on the Broom No I I mean you talk about going Anywhere and things that you can see in The distance and that's one of my I I Still can't get over like no matter I

Play this so much but I still I still Can't get over the fact that I can see Hogwarts out there and there's just Something beautiful about knowing that All of all of the things inside of it The classrooms the students the Professors all the places I can go I can Just fly my hippogriff land in the Courtyard enter the front doors and just Walk you know to the library to class or Two Greenhouse or to my common room that It's all contiguous and just kind of Like one one space is still exciting to Me after all I mean I'm just just I'm Speechless right now it's just Absolutely beautiful it's just

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