High on Life: The First 17 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the hilarious opening moments of High on Life, the latest game from Justin Roiland’s development studio: Squanch Games.

High On Life is a weird and incredibly funny FPS that sees you playing a human high schooler who’s quickly transformed into a galactic bounty hunter, using living guns to take down aliens.

Foreign Foreign [ __ ] it's me Phil your divorce lawyer Again you remember how to move and jump And everything right there's [ __ ] on the Screen that tells you how to do all that Stuff I mean come on all right Buck You're gonna have to use the brand new Double jump to get over there oh [ __ ] I'm sorry Buck I forgot there's no Double jump just Crouch we gotta try Crouching [ __ ] [ __ ] scheduling and Scoping [ __ ] a [ __ ] Crouch Prioritized over a double jump who is This who who are these people above These shot [ __ ] Kill those [ __ ] you're the man I love You Buck you're so [ __ ] cool oh I'm So excited Oh my God [ __ ] you did it you open the Door you're [ __ ] serious you are my Favorite client it's new by the way your Divorce attorney don't forget twice Foreign Foreign Come here you better not be doing Anything weird Why didn't you say goodbye to Mom and Dad before they left for their trip you Know they were pissed right whatever we Got the place to ourselves now Oh my God don't give me that look nerk What are you mad that I'm throwing this Party tonight

It's fine mom and dad are gone for a Whole [ __ ] week we can do whatever we Want Here come on try some You know it's good for your depression Right okay we're totally gonna rage Tonight I cannot wait whoa oh finally There you are I felt like I was losing My mind so do you want any Or Nah fine More for me then all right I'm gonna go Get ready for the party this stuff's Gonna last me all week it is powerful Mom told me I was in charge she did it In secret so it wouldn't hurt your Feelings and dad said that he flat out Doesn't love you it was actually pretty Messed up By the way mom left you a note on the Fridge go read it then come meet me Outside I need your help grabbing party [ __ ] from the store You come in or what So I guess Oh Get down and stay quiet I knew aliens were real Hello Oh [ __ ] look it's Mr pill free he's got That um what is it called uh dementia What's going on out here Martha is that You oh my God oh my gosh what did they Just do to Mr pill free What's going on Come Monday

Foreign I know my nose how did you happen today Did that thing just spit on finally oh My God finally I'm free thank God what a Nightmare listen can you pull the Inhibitor chip out of me it's the metal Thing stuck in me just pull it out what The [ __ ] is that Oh that feels so much better thank you Yeah sorry about the spit I I needed to Get you infected with the translator Microbes that's sort of how it works I Guess you guys don't have those here yet Listen my name's Kenny I'm a gatlian uh We we gotta kind of we gotta move what Is it is Talking to you maybe we should go back To the house it's very important that You listen to everything I say okay it Is your lucky day right now we can Survive this together if you just listen To me guys you're gonna turn your whole Species into drugs can you handle a gun Because you know I'm kind of a gun and If you don't use me to kill those G3 Grunts yeah you know they're gonna [ __ ] kill us What the [ __ ] you just passed the game This doesn't help at all are you an Idiot everyone knows pause button and What's all right Not bad at all let's head to that base You know you know you had to kill them Right it was either them or you and me

As well Use this to work the hell off this Doomed Planet sorry no offense I don't Mean to upset you but yes your planet is Doomed right now Okay listen don't worry about the Beeping the beeping's fine it's just It's gonna foreign We're almost there Oh thank God you're still alive I just Killed an alien look I got blood in my Mouth I think we're all gonna die you Got anything in here that emits I don't Know microwaves I know it's a lot to ask What like a [ __ ] microwave Oh whoa I can understand your gun now Translated microbes are contagious move Past all this [ __ ] Hello Don't resist Ance All right it's go time let's get out of Here wait get out of here Where are we going to find somebody who Can help you ever been to the big city Because you're about to accept that it's A space City it's a huge Space City and You're gonna be out of your element and You better just follow my lead What what just happened looks like we Made it welcome to blim city did you Just warp our entire house to another Planet yeah keep up you're going out There into space yeah welcome to [ __ ]

Space So this is blimp City not not bad huh I Don't know how we're gonna find Gene Though let's just ask around there's all Kinds of aliens out here let's just Let's just ask he he is famous Hey we're looking for Gene zaruthi and The Bounty Hunter any idea where he Might be who no do you know how many Freaking people live here and you expect Me to know this is this guy no I don't Know of course not okay not everyone's Gonna be helpful hey uh we're looking For Jean saruthian I'm not sure maybe You could help oh I wish I knew where he Was he owes me like 300 pesos huh that Doesn't sound like Jean saruthian to me Excuse me do you have any idea where Gene zeruthian is what that's my name I'm Gene zaruthian but why would you oh Wait you're probably thinking of the Famous bounty hunter with the same name As me sorry I'm just some loser Accountant oh man oh that's not good oh Okay Hey excuse me does the Bounty Hunter Jeans arithian live around here the Bounty Hunter Jean zeruthian Uh you must be confused please go what Did you mean by that Sorry shot in the dark here but are you Familiar with the gene zaruthian who oh Yeah he's he's homeless he's sleeping on A bench right in your back I just walked

Past him earlier I'm really glad I could Be so helpful what really okay well Thank you good [ __ ] him let's go You know I wouldn't be surprised if he's Just taking a quick outdoor nap in Between big bounty hunting gigs you know So I guess Gene's sleeping on a bench Near here uh hello Get away they'll take my [ __ ] oh my God It can't be what do you want you're not The famous bounty hunter Gene zaruthian Are you who's asking you're you're Really Gene yeah I'm really Gene that's Me like on the ads disappointed guess How I feel uh okay well whoopsies we Were gonna ask for your help fighting The G3 cartel but kid do I look like I Can help anyone I just got evicted I Don't even have a goddamn home Can you point us in the direction of you Know a bounty hunter friend that's still Working you know still has their legs Look at that nice house God damn where'd It come from that's a great [ __ ] House you see that house huh oh yeah I Do yeah that's this hairy aliens house The one holding me ah damn I guess I'm Looking at that beautiful house Okay the gears are turning maybe I can Help you you can but you just said yeah Yeah I I said I'd help you fight them Who would you say the G3 cocktail oh Yeah That's crazy but okay whatever whatever

Yeah yeah sure we'll we'll kill them all Easy I've got a fully operational Bounty Suit in my card over there really well That's that's convenient yeah I could Turn that hairy kid of yours into a true Blue body but if they die I want the House that's the trade are you sure I Don't think they've even fired a gun Before today and and wait wait you want The house in return yeah this is a great Deal for you I mean you get all my old Bounty Hunter [ __ ] and I might get a House I I don't know enough talk just be A gun for a second you hairy Kid Put on The suit see how you feel then make a Decision yeah I can always just Pawn This [ __ ] off okay go ahead try it on What choice do we have Wow you look great kid a natural Definitely not gonna die on your first Brownie all right I guess we'll give it A shot but I I don't know about this Oh yeah [ __ ] it's still in trial mode I Pulled off the activation license the Ticket should be in one of your pockets Some loose change too should be enough Take that dynamics that keeps pawn shop And he'll get you all set up The suit will help you get there hey There Gene zaruthian it's me sudo you're Helpful bounty hunting assistant before I enable Mobility I just need to make Sure your info scanner is online can you Go ahead and give the area a quick scan

For me Okay perfect great job I've identified Your current objective head on down Perfectimundo everything is in working Order Mobility unlocked you are free to Move Gene All right I'll get things set up at your House while you're gone Sorry about all those pop-ups I forgot To warn you about that um you can close In with the interact button but they are Gonna keep coming back non-stop that's Just gonna keep happening until you Activate the license sorry you better Hurry up Uh okay let's just head to Mr keeps I Guess What's a free job greet the customer Properly welcome to Mr keeps dip [ __ ] Where your friendly neighborhood party Trying to find something nobody even Cares job Oh so old zaruthia doesn't feel like Pawning his license key anymore what did He win the sweepstakes okay so you want This license key but but it's really Nice I kind of want it for myself you've Got enough use this [ __ ] dad fine take It it's yours Okay [ __ ] yeah activation license Accepted bounty hunting suit is in Perfect working order time for an Important question would you like to Keep me on as your permanent in suit

Advisor It's got your vital readings armor Levels even my Biometrics generally came Through didn't he I told you he'd be Great perfect just what this galaxy Needs another good for nothing Bounty Hunter out of my star All right Bounty Hunter I guess let's Head back to the house and check in with Gene you'll find it you'll figure it out Hey you can run you know I don't know if You do that try hitting the button on Your screen I I can't say the name of The button because I have no [ __ ] Clue what kind of controller keyboard You're using Wait what

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