High Heat – Official Trailer (2022) Don Johnson, Olga Kurylenko

An ex-KGB operative turned chef, Ana (Olga Kurylenko) is targeted by the local mafia in a hit on her new restaurant to collect on her husband’s (Don Johnson) debt. Now, Ana must rely upon her lethal skills as she goes on a deadly rampage to take out the entire crime syndicate one-by-one to save her restaurant and survive the night in this action-packed crime thriller. High Heat is in theaters, on digital, and on demand December 16, 2022.

Bon appetit Good evening Chef good evening husband You better be ready to get real busy We are all booked for tonight the Kitchen is now closed Hello they're coming for you I owe a lot of money how much Frey 1.2 You don't know these guys they're not Going to walk away from this I got 10 000 bucks from Whose blood is that what's going on Don't don't open the door Rachel I used to work for the KGB You're a spy I'm a chef Send me everyone you've got I don't care About the cost just make it happen See you soon We'll hit him from both sides her it's a Her it's a her Foreign Looks geriatric I hope so it's a little Below the belt don't you think

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