Hey, is Bloodborne a Horror Game?

We touched on this a second ago one of The big things about re4 is that it is This weird kind of pivot from classic Horror to you know action horror yeah uh A lot of games have this that's not a Problem necessarily we talk about horror Games we talk about games that have Horror themes and uh you know they're Not always like the big one I think is Bloodborne right which I think is a Horror game because it's completely Steeped in horror themes right Panic Guys guys we can't talk about bloodborne Every week on the show we're going to I'm sorry we have to I mean I love Bloodborne yes I mean like use Bloodborne horror game no is bloodborne It looks like one I've never played it Okay because it's too scary it looks too Scary I guess I'm out voted here I I don't Know it's just I I can't take a Souls Game as a horror game like you wouldn't Say Eldon ring is a horror game you Wouldn't say Dark Souls is a horror game Yes they're very horror thematic but They're not horror games there's uh like The only thing I guess it has it going For being a horror game is the that you Could die you feel like you could die at Any given second I bet you like I mean Like fight werewolves yeah you fight Werewolves Um probably mummies yeah it's you know

It's got tons of sort of like Lovecraft And clothes and obviously Lovecraft is Known for his contributions to the role Action role-playing genre of fiction no Horror he's known for horror game like Yeah yes like it isn't okay so like Genre wise yes it is technically an Action RPG right but it is thematically Just incredibly deeply horror yeah I Don't know it's it's it's such a weird It's such a weird one because like you Look at other big horror games like take Like Left 4 Dead Right Left for Dead is Very heavy action very Co-op Centric It's technically classified as a horror Game but again for me I don't I just I'm A co-op shooter it's a co-op shooter It's not a horror it's Call of Duty Zombies a horror game no it's not Because it's so weird this feels like is Is a hot dog a sandwich question What is your definition of a [ __ ] If you eat the hot dog sideways it's a Sandwich but if you eat it vertically It's a taco it's very simple it but Again that's a mechanical issue That's corn on the cob anyway uh the Thing with horror is that it can be a Mechanic or it can be a like a narrative Right right you know and like in the Case of like when I think like a pure Horror game it's something like Outlast That's my goodness Yeah the goal is well yeah I mean that's

That is a that is a dedicated horror Game like you pretty much are devoid of Abilities like you are not you know You're not jumping around and collecting Things as well as being scared yeah but Then you have things that are like you Know completely you know steeped in like Horror elements like bloodborne or Castlevania right where it's like these Are clearly this is you know Capital H Horror flavored right but it's I mean Dark stalkers is a game with like a Mummy and a sexy Dracula and then like a Regular Dracula and then I think a wolf Man or something and it's like is that a Horror game no it's a fighting game Exactly so yeah that's that that is like My argument for bloodborne not being a Horror game because there's so many Games like you wouldn't say Castlevania Is a horror game it's horror theme but It's a metroidvania it is its own genre So is The Last of Us a horror game Yes yes I I would put lots of us as like A psychological horror because it's Foreign Versus like being afraid of the actual Creatures that are there like I don't Know I'm just not afraid of any of the The the infected or the clickers and and Things like that yeah that sounds like a Personal Apartment complex you go in the last of Us too is like straight up horror right

Like their face higher thing is like Gross yeah murky wet basements you go in With like one shank and like you're like I gotta get through this whole thing and They hear me I just punch everybody okay Little nightmares yes or is that a Puzzle platformer I would say little Nightmares is because it's more it's About like the world that it's set in is So it's it's Very drenched in horror and I know That's what we said Okay but the The like it has this element of putting You in this constant state of fear while You're playing this game and where your Character is like constantly just afraid Of like you know you're trying to They're you're finding your way and like Your life and survival depends on you Getting from point A to point bloodborne Has an entire mechanic where if you like Look at certain enemies you go mad What you're trying to say though right Is like the way the character is written Right actually has a lot to play if your Character is like not scared it's just Badass walking through these Horrors Like scenarios it's like okay why should I be scared right but if the character Itself is like put in a horror situation And they act like a normal person or Like oh my God this is maybe okay maybe Honestly maybe that is what makes a

Horror game a horror game is whether or Not you can kill the thing that's trying To kill you I think I think yeah I think it's a Little bit of that I think it comes down To kind of the narrative directors on The games the the the the writers that Are writing the the dialogue and stuff Like that it really kind of comes into That element Um to kind of determine like like is it Horror if they write it by candlelight It's horror and if they don't then it's A regular video game do not use Fluorescent lights in your horror games Yes that's true I think I think like the The bigger issue at play here is that we Think of games mechanically first and Thematically second so that when people Think of Mass Effect they're not like It's a Sci-Fi game it's a Space Opera They're like it's a you know action or RPG or it's a you know like like they Come up with like what are you actually Doing moment to moment that defines the Genre it's in faster than uh like what You're doing thematically or what kind Of things you're fighting or like what Color the lights are and stuff like like A lot of that like obviously changes the Mood and everything like that but the Moodiness of it is secondary to what You're doing mechanically right and I Think that's kind of where we get in the

Differentiation between games and movies Yeah because you know games are such an Interactive experience that that is the Primary thing that people pick up and Play games for for the most part there Are a lot of people that play games for The environment the story and stuff First I don't want to take away from Them but I would say a larger chunk of The gaming audience as a whole plays Games for the interactive to push Buttons kill things run away from things And then jump on them there's largely Accepted genre terms in movies too like Recently John Carpenter did an interview Um and they were just like what do you Think about elevated horror and he was Like I don't know what that is you did You make that up and they're like well You know like 800 four stuff and he's Like I get what you're saying but like I Don't know what you're talking about you Know like because in in movies you're Mostly just like you can you can have Sub like there's like the slasher horror Right and there's like Monsters there's Like you know Poltergeist spectral ghost Stuff there's all these different like Pockets you could even be like oh Romantic horror or like so it was Elevated horror just like psychological Horror like I don't like basically it's Everything pill like horror film I guess Military is a family film I think very

Much very much yeah I mean that I have Brain problems but you know now is Count Chocula a horror cereal oh absolutely Yes 100 well I'm glad we can agree on Something anyway what do you think which Of these games are horror games what Makes a horror game what's your favorite Horror game and also happy Halloween

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