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Michael Myers returns for the last time in Halloween Ends, the 13th film in the epic horror franchise, but as the title suggests, he finally meets an end that seems pretty impossible to come back from. Even for him. So where does this film leave the Halloween franchise? Join IGN host Kim Horcher for Canon Fodder for the full breakdown, ending explained and all the Easter Eggs we could find.

Halloween Ends is the finale of the new trilogy; is it beyond what we saw in the Halloween Ends trailer?? Michael Myers returns in Halloween Ends (2022)! Just beyond the Halloween Ends theme, Jamie Lee Curtis returns to face another Halloween holiday, not too long after Halloween Kills. Will this horror movie deliver on the violence and psychological horror? We actually have a conclusion and we’ll get that ending explained and buttoned up in this breakdown, plus the many easter eggs in this edition of IGN Canon Fodder with Kim Horcher. How many Halloween Ends deaths are there, and how close is this one tied to Halloween Kills? Michael Myers is back, but is there any true way to stop his mysterious strength? And is this the last Halloween sequel? The Halloween Ends deaths might just be the last ones to tally in, if the finale truly is Halloween Ends. Kill count, look out! Because there is a stabbing spree or two in what may just be the last movie of the famous Halloween series.

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