Gotham Knights – 9 Things To Do First

With the biggest rendition of Gotham City yet and 4 playable Bat-Characters to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start your post-Batman adventure in Gotham Knights. Here are our recommendations for the 9 most important Things To Do First in Gotham Knights.

00:00 – Intro
00:31 – 1: How To Unlock Co-Op
00:59 – 2: Complete Training for XP
01:27 – 3: Focus on the Story to Start
01:55 – 4: Choose A Favorite Character
02:24 – 5: How To Unlock Fast-Travel
02:59 – 6: Prioritise Knighthood Challenges
03:20 – 7: How To Stop Premeditated Crimes
03:44 – 8: Save some AP Points for Knighthood
04:08 – 9: Don’t Get Every Secret Cache At Once
04:40 – Outro

For more on Gotham Knights, check out our PC and console performance review, and for even more Bat-tips, Bat-tricks, or all the Bat-collectibles you can shake a stick at, head to our guide on IGN.

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