God of War: Ragnarok’s Director on the Origins of Kratos’ New Weapon

During our God of War: Ragnarok Spoilercast, game director Eric Williams laid out the origins of Kratos’ newest weapon. What makes this weapon so special? What kind of meaning did it have to Kratos? Pivotal moments like this are alive and well in God of War: Ragnarok just as they were in the original God of War (2018) and the Podcast Beyond crew digs deeper into the new reveal.

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Foreign ER spear was by far once I got that I Had a hard time swapping off of it Um it's just it's so fast it's fluid There's so many different utilities that You can use it for in combat Um it's just great and that moment was So just amazing like I literally wept Like openly wept at that moment because It was just so powerful Kratos opening Up to to somebody else other than atreus Or or Fey and was just very powerful Like what was that Um what was that like kind of like Giving Kratos that moment to open up to Somebody else how did that kind of come About I think it's just been a culmination of His journey from 2018 to now you know He's been this guy he's had to push Everything down he doesn't really have Anyone around him You know and the Fate kind of started to Bring that out of him then atreus really Cracked the show at the end of 2018 you Know Kratos lets the he lets the Bandages Go amazing moment and He talks to him and he tells him the Story of his namesake Um and why he wanted to name him that And you start to see that Kratos thinks About these things he's not just this One-dimensional character and for me He's always been that way even go back I

Mean before God War one he's a husband Yep no he's a father he's a general he Leads people his his city-state respects Him Um so We wanted to have these pairings in this Game where you know mimir and Brock Became like his kind of like confidence Like his buddies and then sindri and Then the kids become atreus's crew and You get these different Points of view and when you start to Look at them you go okay that makes Sense that they gravitate towards each Other so Brock being pretty Gruff and You know that and to have them almost Both open up that's what the moment is Even more beautiful the Brock is all Upset and Kratos is the one that calms Him down and you don't really see Kratos Do that you know you want to see usually People trying to do the opposite or he Has The Temper himself so I I think it Was just one of those moments in the Writers room where you're sitting there You're thinking about you're like okay We got to make this weapon How are we gonna do that and that was One of the very few scenes that I did Any writing on you know I trust the Writers but there was the way that thing Was crafted all the elements seeing the Visuals the blood all those pieces I Really wanted so that was I wrote

Structurally I didn't write a lot of the Lines but uh structurally how that scene Was going to go but uh yeah it's a Special one I'm glad it landed for you Yeah very much so

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