God of War: Ragnarok – The Big Tyr Twist Was Hidden in Plain Sight

The Podcast Beyond crew sat down with God of War: Ragnarok’s game director Eric Williams and took a deep dive into a few of the game’s secrets. Among those was a quick discussion about a big twist that was under our noses all along! Join Max Scoville, Jada Griffin, and Josh Du in our God of War: Ragnarok Spoilercast with Eric Williams!

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Foreign [Music] For the first time Right before the siren goes off there's A little dwarf on a bridge and he spits Over the bridge I saw that that's Odin Wow oh my goodness It's fantastic and is that dwarf Character model in the prison as well or Yeah oh my gosh that's see I didn't put I didn't connect this too that's man the One that a lot of people uh I saw Someone finally figured it out Um the other night was the the subtitles Like when when Odin is here speaks There's no Accent on the y in the Subtitles oh wow for the entire game and Then when you find realtor at the end of The accents there And well we should have seen that coming A mile away yeah That's how deep the team I mean when we Decide we're gonna do something like That like because doing a murder mystery Like that kind of thing is like you know It could get really tropey and did you See it coming no no not at all did you Feel cheated no no right and so that's You know that's like that's like sixth Sense that's really hard to do thread Dining right right so when we said we Were going to do that because I remember We were in a meeting one day we were Talking about the tier prison and all

That and I was like I said to the Writers I was like what if uh What If Tears Odin and they were like what I was like what if he's just in these Guys the whole time and like that's how He gets all the information he knows What's going on and that's how we do the Flip-flops of the prophecies and they Were just like okay stop talking like we Have to go and they went away for like a Good like five six days and like put it Through its paces and they came back They were like I think we can pull it Off

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