God of War Ragnarok – Official Trailer (Ben Stiller, LeBron James, John Travolta)

That's a great observation John Ella Said that you'd think it was stupid no I Said I thought it was stupid okay you Know what this is good right here I mean The God of War Dynamic plays out in Every parent-child relationship when That clicked for me picked up my Leviathan ax and fell truly close to my Son for the first time I'm 17. Exactly Leviathan Ax Ronnie what's going on man you're a Little quiet today anything to add No No it's good no counts you know Quinn Was where you're at about a month ago And uh look at him now Okay last night 2 am I'm laying in bed What am I thinking about Kratos are you kidding that's me big Time that's common for me we believe you Being too thirsty I'm hydrated Specifically the time he tried to Protect atreus from balder Andres got so Angry he shot craters through the chest With one of those um Like that spiky thingy it was an arrow Arrow great spiky error thing I mean Nobody can hurt you like your kids right LeBron Queso What's going on beneath that headband I'm not even wearing one no I know you Know I mean like if you were when brawny

Said you'd rather play against me than With me Shot in the heart Really I think we call that a breakthrough Some shots you just can't block I can see that now Ben Kratos I cannot believe I missed Practice for this I want all the Breakthrough Ella why don't you ever hurt my feelings Okay you're old and you're bald Just like Kratos Now John last week you said you were Finally ready to wear your Kratos outfit To the farmer's market how'd that go Incredible I had people pointing at me Going no that's a really great dad That's not why they were pointing you Were wearing a Buckskin loincloth Ella It's not Buck it's bear and I get those Points all the time people pointing oh My God look at that great dad so why Aren't you wearing that stuff today Unfortunately my armor Bears the scars Of a recent battle You spilled a bunch of salsa on it that Can happen especially with the Leathers Exactly tattletail look if it was easy Every day I'd be dressed like this right Does the costume really help uh I don't Know does the costume really help when You play basketball It is a costume

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