God of War Ragnarok – Official Music Behind the Scenes (Hozier, Bear McCreary)

Hozier and composer Bear McCreary discuss crafting the ‘Blood Upon the Snow’ song from God of War Ragnarok. Hear about the inspirations for the track and and how it captures the characters’ emotions in the God of War sequel.

God of War Ragnarök is available now on PS5 and PS4.

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Bear the keeps to his own life The world that seeks always its own kind The song is something of a journey and I Think that's something I always got from God of War it's like here's this this Constant moving forward in the act of Moving through the world and this Journey of two people Underneath Kratos is this torrent of Emotions we are getting to explore those In a way that's deeper than ever before I almost feel like you're you're giving Him a voice that he as a character Wouldn't be able to say on his own that Can capture that that inner emotion Just how cold the wind can blow I really enjoyed the returning motif of Of Bear in a wolf two animals that one Is definitely not a pack of creature one Is a solitary creature but yet they Travel together right they're packed Somewhat of two and the tensions the Sort of push and pull of then of a Father in some relationship as that Grows and complexes them so that was the Fun challenge of bringing that into into A lyrical narrative that feels natural Playing you the theme just these three Notes and then we wanted to honor that Simplicity then you came back with this Killer line I mean blood upon the snow I Just thought was so eloquent and Beautiful Foreign

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