God of War: Ragnarok doesn’t tell you these things #godofwar #gaming #shorts

Here's part one of the things God of War Ragnarok doesn't tell you Mystic Gateways are ragnarok's way of quickly Moving between or within Realms but you Don't have to go anywhere to make use of It if you need to top off your health And your rage and really who doesn't in These trying times simply interact with A Mystic Gateway and it will fill your Meters all the way up a good way to get Yourself out of a bad situation is to Activate your rage as it will usually Stagger an attacking enemy this is Especially useful if you missed a yellow Parry and get staggered not today Hades Enemies health bar colors aren't only For flavor they actually tell you the Enemy's level relative to your own green Means they're a lower level yellow means They're the same level orange means They're one level above you purple means Two levels above you and red is the Horrible and feared three levels above You just run away at that point Seriously if you're getting frustrated While trying to clear out a section of a Realm only to be met with an Undiscovered on the map you may need to Come back later after unlocking Different areas or traversal tools stay Tuned for part two

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