God of War Ragnarok: 14 More Things It Doesn’t Tell You (Mid to Late Game)

We’re back with 14 more things God of War Ragnarok doesn’t tell you, but this one is filled with spoilers, so beware!

We already released an early game version of this video that was spoiler free, but we wanted to share some more knowledge we gained by playing the game in its later chapters. This is filled with Ragnarok tips, tricks, fun details, and even mentions of where we’ve covered some of these in greater details, like the Mystical Heirloom quest.

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Need help With story progress in God of War Ragnarok comes more things the game Doesn't tell you so we're back with a Second video breaking down 14 things we Figured out during the mid to late game There are tons of spoilers ahead so if That's something that bugs you make sure To check out our first video of the Things Ragnarok doesn't tell you which We've kept spoiler free if you haven't Clicked away here are 14 things God of War Ragnarok doesn't tell you mid to Late game Edition Poison is one of ragnarok's best status Effects by far it lowers the enemy level As you can see by the color of the Health bar changing the most effective Ways to apply poison are through freya's First runic summon and lunda's armor you Can pick up in Anaheim It fits When you max out an Armor's level you Can edit its appearance to look like Other armors you have whether they are Maxed out or not So level the armor with the skills that You want and then go forth to be the god Of fashion Able arrows and the Leviathan ax on the Yellow and red plants in vanheim for Crafting materials such as Rawhide and Slag deposits not anything too special But every little bit helps so be on the

Lookout I imagine we might find one of those Ingredients around here as you travel You'll see various Hearts painted on the Wall with two names these locations are Important to a later side quest that Asks you to find cooking materials so Make sure to remember where you saw them Quick hint the first one is right next To you pick up the quest here in midgard You can also check out our full God of War guide on IGN when you get to that Quest Don't spend all your XP too early you'll Unlock more abilities for both Kratos And his companions as new weapons are Unlocked Watch this While playing as atreus and yote9 don't Immediately move on from The Rock Skipping minigame if you Skip One Perfectly a clan will spit out an item It's all about the timing so try to let Go right when his hand flashes Wow did you see that Blocking attacks covered with bifrost Will still hit your health albeit at a Reduced amount your best bet is just to Dodge and counter-attack or interrupt With a shield strike When clearing hell tears you don't have To kill the enemies to succeed you just Need to survive but you do get resource Drops for killing the enemy so it's in

Your best interest to take them out Share our work is far from over The deepest worms form the strongest Bombs Except for freya's missing piece and Even that one's not miscible most side Quests can be completed regardless of Who your companion is at the moment so Don't worry if you need to come back Later You Are Not Alone I'm not am I An easy way to tell where treasure maps Reward lies is by checking the region Map and seeing which place now has an Empty check box with buried treasure Next to it this won't give you an exact Location but it really narrows it down What manner of creature is that Dead If you can't interact with one of the Swords in the side rooms in muspelheim To replay a final challenge return to The central area and either complete the New battle of the central sword or Simply hold triangle to reset the Challenges replaying the side room final Challenges is a great way to farm into Game crafting resources If you hold a weapon swap button Kratos Will initiate and attack the instant That he swaps to set weapon which can Help if you want to keep the pressure up But change your Elemental damage

Just like later game enemies sport red And blue health bars that you need to Whittle down with the opposing element You'll also need to do the same with the Drop near spear for the white health Bars There are special encounters that Require the use of the mystical heirloom A Relic that you can pick up and midgard Where and how to use it is a bit of a Mystery and the things that it unlocks Aren't even tracked on the map if you Want to learn more about this heirloom We have a whole video dedicated to it on IGN [ __ ] and there you have it 14 things God Of War Ragnarok doesn't tell you in its Mid to end game what are some things you Wish you knew while playing make sure to Leave them down in the comments below And while you're here make sure to check Out the first 21 things we went over and For everything else gaming you're Already in the right place IGN

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