God of War Ragnarok: 10 Important Side Quests (w/ Spoiler Tags)

There’s a ton of side content in God of War Ragnarok, so we’ve chosen 10 of the most important side quests (or favors) that you should tackle!

God of War Ragnarok sees Kratos and Atreus return to the Norse world to fight the likes of Thor and Odin, but there’s a lot of fun and rewards to be had by completing the sidequests. In this quick guide, we hope to tell you which ones to finish while spoiling as little as possible, so we’ve included time codes that tell you where to jump to if you’ve completed a certain main quest.

After completing main quest The Reckoning, jump to 01:25.
After completing Forging Destiny, jump to 02:34.
After completing Creatures of Prophecy, jump to 03:20.
After completing the main story, jump to 03:47.

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God of War Ragnarok has a wealth of side Content and most of it is pretty great Whether it be for Rewards or story Reasons so we've compiled the 10 most Important side quests we think you Should complete during your first Playthrough a quick warning some of These are impossible to talk about Without spoilers we're going to work Through these chronologically and we'll Have multiple spoiler warnings Throughout for particular points in the Story that we'll give very clear cutoff Points for so you can revisit this video Later after reaching certain story beats That we'll be very clear about here are Some time stamps so you can safely skip To where you need to be just based on The completion of particular story Quest Titles we'll start from the beginning up Until you complete the quest titled grow As secret well we don't want to Intimidate him one of the first major Side quests you'll find in Ragnarok You'll receive in service of Asgard by Following the main story after arriving In spartal fine speak to the dwarf Sitting down in the bar once he has a Blue favor marker over his head to add It to your log and then it will be easy To follow once you're back in the boat In the the open Lake Area this Quest Will net you the first mooseboheim seed Half as well as a shiny new armor set

You'll also find out a bit more about Mimir's past After finishing the first main story Quest in alphine grow a secret talk to Sindri at the blacksmith station to Unlock secret of the Sands following This Quest we'll make exploration in the Barons area of alphaim much easier Alright here's your next spoiler warning After completing the main story Quest The Reckoning come back for more Important side quests We mean it big spoilers here finish the Reckoning and then come back Upon finishing the Reckoning Quest while On vanheim talk to the blacksmith to Unlock the mysterious orb Quest while The quest isn't much on its own it will Guide you along the path in the vanheim River delta to collect the pieces for Luna's lost armor one of the best armor Sets in the game Freya's missing piece is a side quest That shouldn't be missed for story Implications alone as it really explores Freya's story arc make sure you unlock It by breaking this log open by The Mystic Gateway next to freyr's camp in Anaheim and continuing along the New Path by boat rather than walking through The Gateway After finishing what you want to in Anaheim travel back to Alpine with Freya Now that you can open special chisel

Gates and take your sled to the west Side of the Barons to dispel this door Song of the Sands will be added to your Log automatically after entering this Area and finishing it will disperse the Sandstorm just like in the variants Here's your next spoiler warning after Finishing the quest forging Destiny come Back here for more side quests snack I Do not need a snack We've put these quests together because You can complete them simultaneously After finishing the main story Quest Forging Destiny talk to Durland instead Of going through the Mystic gateway to Unlock Spirit of rebellion following That questline to Dragon Beach will take You to the Lost Treasure starting point As well completing Spirit of rebellion And the Lost Treasure will bring you to The chest with the second mooseballheim Seed half for those math nerds keeping Score that makes a hole at this point as Well as a ton of crafting resources Hexilver and even Mountain splitter a New runic attack for your dropping your Spear they're pretty standard quests as Far as the story goes but the rewards Are definitely worth it Here's your next spoiler warning after Completing the quest creatures of Prophecy come back here for your next Set of side quests After completing the vanheim quest

Creatures of Prophecy you'll unlock the Scent of survival quest automatically But the choice to follow it right then And there is yours completing it will Lead to an entirely new giant optional Area and multiple new side quests so Make sure you don't ignore it Is your final spoiler warning come back Here after completing the game for some Post-game side quests Where to First much like God of War 2018 There are credits after the credits talk To the blacksmiths after descending down To the lake in midgard and find an Important story Quest After finishing the main story return to Niflheim and take this alternate path to The left before the Raven tree to find a New area follow it down to the bottom For a cool story surprise this place Goes deep And there you have it a list of the most Important side quests you'll come across In God of War Ragnarok this list isn't Exhaustive of course so we recommend Visiting the wiki on ign.com for more In-depth info and while you're there Make sure to check out our video on the 21 things God of War Ragnarok doesn't Tell you for everything else gaming You're already in the right place IGN All right Here Are you coming with us

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