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God of War is being adapted into an original series on Prime Video. The live-action God of War series has Rafe Judkins attached as showrunner and executive producer, and Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby will be on writing duty, as well as executive producing. Cory Barlog, creative director of the original #GodofWar 2018 game will also be heavily involved. As for who will play #Kratos, that’s yet to be seen – but you never know, maybe Chris Judge might be up for it? In other entertainment news, Patty Jenkins is re-enlisting to direct Star Wars Rogue Squadron and new updates on Netflix’s My Hero Academia movie.

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Yo what's up everybody akimla Watson Here and in today's fix of entertainment News a live action God of War series is Officially happening Patty Jenkins is Re-enlisting to direct Star Wars Rogue Squadron and new updates on Netflix's my Hero Academia movie yeah it's happening In live action baby let's drop it Boy now we had heard Rumblings that Kratos in a trans might be embarking on A new live-action Adventure but a press Release from Sony this morning confirms It God of War is being adapted into an Original series on Prime video And from the sound of things the show Will closely follow the premise of the 2018 game and will follow Kratos as he Journeys with his son of Trance to the Highest peak of midgard as a final Request from his late wife getting Tangled up with some Norse gods in the Process as for who's making this happen Rafe Judkins will be showrunner and Executive producer now he previously Worked on Wheel of Time Another Epic Fantasy Amazon series and Mark Fergus And Hawk ottsby whose credits include Iron Man and Children of Men will be Writing as well as executive producing Now if none of these credits are doing It for you or you think this show could Use another executive producer well You'll be happy to know Corey barlog Creative director of the original 2018

Game will also be heavily involved of Course the big questions now are who's Playing Kratos and when will this show Premiere that will definitely keep you Posted on that but considering his Awesome performances in the last two Games I'm open Christopher Judge reprise His role or bring back TC Carson the Original voice of Kratos that man's Pretty cool now until then we'll have The Last of Us series hitting HBO next Month to tie it us over but Amazon is Apparently doing the same thing and in Addition to God of War there's also a Fallout show on the way and Fallout is Technically an Xbox property now A console Wars meet streaming Wars that Sounds like video game shows might be The new superhero movie which Speaking Of we recently reported that Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins would not be returning for Wonder Woman three now there's been a Lot of he said she said about this and Here's some more Patty says she did not walk away from The project over creative differences as Previous reports claimed more Interestingly her Star Wars movie Rogue Squadron is not dead now in a post on Twitter the director explained that She's not one to air dirty laundry but Felt the need to correct inaccuracies And called the reports of her leaving

Wonder Woman 3 attractive click bait huh Now from the sound of things Wonder Woman 3's cancellation might have been a Casualty of recent shake-ups following The WB Discovery merger and the new Long-term plan for the superhero Universe under James Gunn and Peter Safran either way Jenkins explained that The reason she'd initially stepped away From Rogue Squadron was due to Scheduling conflicts with Wonder Woman 3. but now that that movie's not Happening her schedule just opened up And apparently she and lucasfilm made a New deal to actively develop the Star Wars project Now there's no guarantee it'll actually Happen but s foil is locked into attack Position are better than crashing into The side of the Death Star sticking with The running theme of streaming Adaptations and superheroes we've been Hearing about a live-action my hero Academia movie since August but we've Got some updates Now for starters Netflix is officially Distributing the movie with legendary Pictures producing shinsuke Sato whose Credits include Alice in Borderland will Direct and Joby Harold will be on riding Duty Harold's most recent credits are on The Disney plus Obi-Wan Kenobi Series so Make of that what you will now bear in Mind Disney Plus shows and Star Wars

Projects tend to have quite a few cooks In the kitchen when it comes to Storytelling Netflix hasn't had the best Track record for in-house anime Adaptations between the now Infamous Death Note movie and the short-lived Cowboy Bebop series now that hasn't Slowed the streaming giant down though And there's still a one-piece series and Another live-action death note on the Way believe it or not Now legendary entertainment's track Record for adapting huge Japanese Properties is a bit better between the Godzilla monsterverse and detective Pikachu I don't know it could go either Way with this one what are your thoughts On this should real people be allowed to Be anime characters or should anime stay Two dimensional let us know in the Comments And that's your entertainment fix for it Today I'm Akeem now if you're curious About something that isn't based on Something else check out our review of Avatar the way of water and for Everything movies TV games and Entertainment in general keep it right Here on IGN

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