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Daniel Kaluuya will be voicing Spider-Punk, one of the new Spider-variants to appear in next year’s Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. Daniel Kaluuya is no stranger to the Marvel Universe, as he played W’Kabi in the first Black Panther film. Meanwhile, the John Wick universe is expanding with the upcoming film “Ballerina,” which will star Ana De Armas as another deadly assassin – and it sounds like we can expect John Wick himself to make an appearance in the film. And finally, Harrison Ford has been adamant that next year’s Indiana Jones 5 will be his last time donning the iconic brown fedora on the big screen, but it sounds like a Disney+ show may be in the works.

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Happy Wednesday everybody I'm Nara Salingan for a team and for today's fix Of entertainment news another Spider-Man Has been cast in the spider-verse movie Sequel Rumor Has It John Wick of all People will appear in the upcoming John Wick spin-off and Indiana Jones might be Having some new adventures on Disney Plus let's get into it It's been revealed that nope and get out Star Daniel caluya will be voicing Spider Punk one of the new spider Variants to appear in next year's Spider-Man across the spider-verse The Hollywood Reporter broke the news That kaluya's spider Punk is one of Several new characters announced for the Highly anticipated sequel other Newcomers include Spider-Man 2099 voiced By Oscar Isaac and deep cup villain the Spot voiced by Jason Schwartzman Spider Punk AKA Hobie Brown made his Comic book debut in 2015 and has since Popped up across various mediums Including the Ultimate Spider-Man Animated series and as a collectible Costume in Insomniac Spider-Man video Game This isn't the first Marvel Row for Kaluya who played wakabi in the first Black panther film but one question on a Lot of fans Minds is how he'll approach Spider Punk's voice he's a New Yorker Like myself in the comics but he's had a

Cockly accent in his previous animated Appearances You never guess it based on most of his Film performances but kaluya was born And raised in the UK so it seems like Spider Punk's accent could swing either Way meanwhile the John Wick universe is Expanding with the upcoming film Ballerina which will star Anna De armas As another Deadly Assassin and it sounds Like we can expect John Wick himself to Make an appearance in the film collider Reports that Keanu Reeves has been Spotted in Prague where ballerina is Currently shooting like filming not Discharging Firearms though there's Probably plenty of that too previously The main connective tissue between this Film and the mainline John Wick films Was the involvement of Ian McShane Reprising the role of Winston the Manager of the Continental Hotel Ballerina's Origins were hinted at in John Wick chapter 3 where he was Established that Angelica Houston's Character the director trains female Assassins using ballet fundamentals this Is the latest of server action roles for De armas who appeared in Netflix's The Gray Man as well as alongside James Bond In no time to die John Luke chapter 4 hits theaters next Summer but ballerina currently has no Release date set so it's very possible

That keanu's next outing as the Assassin Will help set up the ballerinas Standalone film Harrison Ford has been Adamant that next year's Indiana Jones 5 Will be his last time joining the iconic Ground for Dora on the big screen but it Sounds like a Disney Plus show maybe in The works Variety reports that Disney and Lucasfilm are actively looking to Develop a show about the Beloved Archaeologist though it's so early in Development that there are no other Details yet including whether or not Harrison Ford will be involved if this Project moves forward without Ford and Recast Jones it wouldn't be the first Time someone else played the part the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series Explored the Explorers earlier and later Years with three other actors portraying Dr Jones at various stages of his life And of course the Last Crusade opened With a flashback where the late River Phoenix played the part What do you all think of this does Indiana Jones work without Harrison Ford Or should Disney Take a Hint from the Reception of solo a Star Wars story let Us know in the comments And after effects for November 9th 2022 If you can't wait to see it for yourself Go check out our review of black panther Wakanda Forever and For Everything

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