Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Every New Change You Need to Know

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 started off with another galactic event that had everyone rebuilding the new Fortnite Island. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Fortnite chapter and battlepass including Doomslayer, Geralt of Rivia, and more!

Fortnite broke the internet and itself As it makes its way into a new chapter During the fracture event we watched the Zero point literally rebuild itself with The help of the Paradigm in what was Called zero Fusion Now powered by Unreal Engine 5 we head Into chapter 4 season 1 of fortnite This new era of fortnite introduces a Ton of new things starting off with a Whole new map and points of interest Like the New Castle at the Citadel Peaceful looking town in the forest Known as Anvil Square an abandoned Farmland known as frenzy Fields a Mining Facility known as shattered slabs and The snowy mountains of brutal Bastion Where you can ride in giant snowballs to Crush your enemies This new chapter introduces big changes To the Battle Royale as time goes by During your match you'll be given a Randomized choice of two reality Augments the longer you're in the match The more augments you can collect until The match ends now these augments will Act like perks that will give you an Advantage so let's go over a few of them There's augments like light fingers That'll give you faster reload speed With weapons that use light ammo Mechanical Archer will give you an Explosive and a Shockwave bow aerialist Will grant you a glider redeploy for the

Rest of the match supercharged will give Your vehicle increased health and won't Consume Fuel and soaring Sprints will Give you the ability to jump higher and Jump with lower gravity while sprinting Keep in mind you can re-roll these Augments to get ones that you like or Get the ones that will help you get your Dubs This chapter also introduces the ability To hurtle over obstacles in your way so Now you can look sick chasing down Enemies or even running away like an Action hero doing parkour you also can Finally ride motorcycles in the game so There are plenty of ways to style on Your opponents Now we gotta get into the new weapons And items introduced into this chapter Like this strong semi-automatic rifle That fires blades and detonates after a Couple seconds known as the Excalibur Rifle a pump action shotgun that fires Two rounds at the same time called Thunder shotgun and an automatic shotgun Known as the maven auto shotgun the red Eye assault rifle with the Red Dot sight A twin mag SMG and a tactical pistol and A sick looking Shockwave Hammer that Lets you launch yourself away or towards Enemies it also launches teammates so Have fun with this one there's also Plenty of unvaulted weapons in fortnite Like the returning scar assault rifle

And more There's also new Provisions like the Slap berries that will give you some Health and a short-term unlimited energy To Sprint longer slap juice will do the Same but both effects will be greater There's also Sky jellies that will give You some health but be careful it Bounces you back now one major thing to Take note this season is if you and your Team stay in a POI long enough you can Claim that territory and your team's Banner will be put on display marking Your team's control and it will also Mark nearby chest and opponents now we Gotta talk about this new battle pass Because this pass is stacked the battle Pass has a new UI with plenty of Characters that are awesome like Celine And her other variant Moonlight Celine There's Maasai and his airwalker variant And there's even the Doom Slayer guy Himself with his awesome new glider There's Dusty and an animated character Known as nezumi it was healthy and a Snapshot of General known as the Ageless This battle pass will feature mid-season Drops of alternate colors of the skins And it also includes geralt of Rivia From The Witcher series What do you think of the new chapter of Fortnite so far Let us know in the comments and for all Things gaming keep it here at IGN

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