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Splinter Cell fans today got an unexpected glimpse at the game’s upcoming remake. A new Legacy of Kain game is looking likely after Embracer Group received 100,000 responses to its recent survey asking fans if they wanted more from the franchise.

Presented by Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

Narz has it all on today’s Daily Fix!

What's up fabulous Nars here and on Today's daily fix we have first looks at The highly anticipated Splinter Cell Remake a new Legacy of Kane seems likely After an overwhelmingly positive Response from fans and how you can Explore the region of paldaya in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet it's all Presented by Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet Laughs Foreign Celebrating 20 years of revolutionary Stealth Action Redefined Ubisoft Released a new video looking back at the Franchise and offering our first looks At the upcoming Splinter Cell remake Via ubisoft's official YouTube channel Developers working on the upcoming Remake sat down to reminisce on iconic Entries in the franchise as well as to Assure fans of developers are aiming to Create a quote Top tier remake that Pushes quality as much as possible the Discussion led by creative director Chris Audi unveiled the first concept Art of the Remake that will return to The beginnings of Sam Fisher's Saga with The gold to set a good foundation for The franchise going forward developed by Ubisoft Toronto fans can expect a more Authentic modern take leveraging the Publisher's engine Snowdrop ADI Confirmed that development is still in

Early production but articulated that Quote it's not simply a remaster it's Being built from the ground up we get to Do all the content from scratch fresh And ready to go In addition to a remake Ubisoft also has A Netflix Animated Series in the works So there are lots in store for Splinter Cell fans moving on a return to nosgoff Is on the horizon as a new Legacy of Kane seems likely after the embracer Group received an overwhelmingly strong Response from fans back in October Crystal Dynamics under the hands of new Ownership embracer group released a Survey asking if fans would like to see A return to Long dormant beloved Franchises like Legacy of Kane in a Shocking display of enthusiasm the Company receives over 100 000 responses From fans prompting embracer CEO Phil Rogers to respond with in the past we Found that surveys typically get between A thousand and three thousand responses But when we ask folk about the legacy of Kane we received over a hundred thousand Responses and 73 000 Gamers completed it Entirely rest assured we hear you loudly And clearly and will continue to update You on the what if possibilities ahead Said for legacy of Kane in the future Embracer group stated explicitly the Company is looking to delve into the Developer's catalog of games to explore

Opportunities for remakes remasters and Sequels personally other titles that Would fit the bill perfectly are Deus Ex And get but what do you think sound off In the comments what titles do you like To see make a comeback and finally Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet are Available tomorrow only on the Nintendo Switch family of systems the newest Chapters in the Pokemon series take you To paldea a wide open world filled with Lakes towering Peaks wastelands small Towns and sprawling cities there is a Lot to explore but thankfully you won't Be alone on your journey you'll have a Form shifting legendary Pokemon by your Side Corydon in Pokemon scarlet and Miraidon in Pokemon Violet cradon and Meridan are said to have powers that far Surpass those of other Pokemon but Details on these legendary creatures are Shrouded in mystery one things for Certain you'll need need their help to Sprint through deserts move across water Scale Cliffs and glide off Peaks to get To your destinations in this open World Adventure use their unique Transformation abilities to visit the Various gyms explore the path of Legends And claim your title as the best trainer In the paldea region start your journey In Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet Available tomorrow November 18th only on The Nintendo switch family of systems

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