Fire Emblem Engage – Official “Welcome to the Somniel” Overview Trailer

Take a tour of the Somniel, your home base in Fire Emblem Engage, in this latest trailer for the upcoming strategy RPG. Check it out to learn about the three main areas of focus of this floating fortress, including preparing for battle by visiting the armory and item shop, as well as the ring chamber, getting to know your allies, and various activities like taking care of animals, visiting the boutique, and more.

Fire Emblem Engage will be available on Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.


Welcome to the somniel your home base in The Fire Emblem engage game As the Divine Dragon you can visit the Floating Fortress whenever you'd like Whether you're taking a break or Preparing for the journey ahead The Samuel is yours to enjoy [Music] The Samuel has three main areas of focus [Music] Let's walk through them together [Music] First things first you should focus on Preparing for battle In the plaza you can access the Armory And item shop Be sure to stock up before heading into Combat [Music] I thank you Here we have the ring chamber emblem Rings you've collected are kept in this Room and you can communicate with the Emblem's held Within Skills can also be inherited here Bonds with emblems deepen you'll be able To inherit skills from them to use in Battle [Music] Bond rings can be created here as well [Applause] By equipping rings and bond fragments You'll receive a boost to your stats Bond rings can be melded together to

Form even more powerful rings [Music] You can deepen your bonds with emblems By polishing their Rings after they've Been tarnished in battle Overdoing things a bit This door leads to the arena Well here you can participate in Practice battles to gain experience Among other benefits [Music] On the furthest point of the Samuel Stands the Tower of Trials Take on a series of battles to earn In-game rewards Or participate in various trials Such as creating and sharing your own Battle map with other players [Music] The second thing you should focus on is Getting to know your allies Might see friends and familiar faces From your travels here They need breaks too I mean the bonds between your allies is Paramount to a successful Army so chat With them every chance you get Here we have Cafe Terrace [Music] You can place an order with whoever's on Cooking duty and share a meal with your Friends [Music] Depending on how the meal is prepared I

Hope it is to your liking what an Exceptional meal You and your ally stats might be Affected in the next battle Oh Something shiny Items you find can be given to allies as Gifts Give them something they like to further Deepen your bonds [Music] The third thing to focus on in the Samniel is everything else [Music] At the farmyard you can take care of Animals that you find out in the world Bring lots of animals to their fur ever Home and you might be rewarded King of animals there's also a Mysterious creature called Sami who has Been here since time immemorial Legend says that good things come to Those who care for it [Music] Purchase clothes and accessories at the Boutique So you and your allies can slay in style [Music] And in the training yard you can work Out to temporarily boost your stats [Music] Other activities include fishing Good catch They're done May the Stars guide the way

And fortune telling It's nice to kick back and focus on Something other than the battles ahead This quaint structure is the amiibo Gazebo Tap compatible amiibo figures to receive Useful items By tapping amiibo from the Fire Emblem Series you'll receive that emblem's Attire And music from games in which they Originally appeared [Music] That sure was a lot to cover you must be Exhausted If you ever find yourself in need of Rest You're free to lie down in your private Quarters Sometimes while napping An ally might wake you up knock knock It's me [Music] In fact the hero is Morning Divine One A gallopost the best way to start the Day right Rise and shine Ready to explore the Samuel on your own From preparing for battle To connecting with your allies This truly is the place for an aspiring Adventurer Stop by when you can to make the most of

Your journey Fire Emblem engage available January 20th only on Nintendo switch pre-orders Are available now on the Nintendo eShop [Music]

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