Fire Emblem Engage – Official ‘The Divine Dragon Awakens!’ Trailer

Learn about the story of Fire Emblem Engage in this latest trailer for the upcoming strategy RPG. Check it out to meet the characters and learn about the various regions of the game.

Fire Emblem Engage will be available on Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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Please I beg of you gather together all 12 rings When your scattered memories return to You you must fight on with the utmost Divinity I believe in you my child I understand I'll collect the Rings I Swear to you and I'll fight I'll do Whatever you want Help me lend me your strength in this Fight I am known as Marth emblem Marth To be clear it is good to see you I was Able to answer your call because you Remembered me [Music] Then a dark presence in [Music] This Marth what was I like well you were Kind as you are now there's no need to Remember everything at once [Music] It's a Vine one will you help us Please come with me to firenay foreign S with brodia took some doing There came some ambitious man Brodia the kingdom of Might I greet you as the Crown Prince of Brodia Psalm is an open-minded country they've Always had good relations with fionae I hope you're hungry for fun [Music] Lucky we mad huh I take it illusia isn't in the alliance We know it's snowy there with long

Winters and that some Illusions worship The feldragon Come a Little Closer I'll give you a Good long look I will now take your lives your souls And the Rings Has not yet at full strength My kingdom has another emblem ring in Its possession Well isn't this tragic by virtue of your Science we will now kill every living Soul in this castle one by one I detest violence but I will always Fight to defend the innocent I'm just passing through well looking For someone really Still this despite everything we're Facing I'm called I think it's because You're here Martha we are not going Anywhere we will remain by your side Until the end of this journey Fully Divine Dragon did you think Emblems were just a you thing not by a Long shot Marth Marth speak to me please Everyone you care about They are all dead [Music]

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