Fighter Pilot Reacts to Top Gun: Maverick

Watch a fighter pilot react to Top Gun Maverick, the sequel to Top Gun. In these Top Gun Maverick clips, we see everything from training in the FA18 Super Hornet, to fighter pilots experiencing g-LOC, dogfights with a fifth generation fighter, and the impossible Top Gun Maverick bombing scene. Watch as Alex Bowman, Ex-US Navy Fighter Pilot and Aviator Instructor takes a look at these Top Gun Maverick flight scenes to tell us how realistic they are!

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Maverick VS. Rooster
03:40 – Briefing Room
05:11 – Bombing Run Training
08:01 – Final Mission
11:40 – F-14A Tomcat VS. Fifth Generation Fighter
13:48 – Final Thoughts

Want to find out more about Alex Bowman? Make sure to check out his YouTube channel ( and his Instagram (@atbowman)!

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