FIFA 23 – Official World Cup Overview Trailer

Foreign [Music] It's finally here the World Cup is Coming to the world's game I'm Sheldon Rogers and alongside me is EA Sports FIFA senior producer Gareth reader to Talk about all the ways you can Experience football's greatest Tournament free to all players in FIFA 23. cheers Sheldon no matter where you Are in the world or in FIFA 23 there's a Game mode to put you at the heart of the World cup action custom and live Tournament modes and elevated Match Day Experience plus a full season of World Cup content in Ultimate Team well we've Already been waiting for years for this So let's jump straight in let's do it First things first how do we win the World Cup we made sure all roads pointed To World Cup Glory this year there's a Single player tournament mode where you Can play from The Opening match onwards There's also an online tournament mode Where you can take on The Knockout Stages as any of the qualified Nations As you aim for memorable wins against Other players from around the world so What if we want to play along as the World Cup unfolds in real time that's Where the all-new FIFA World Cup Live Comes in we're connecting you to follow All the excitement of each match day as It happens you'll be able to play the

Upcoming fixtures each day or any past Match with authentic lineups group Standings and results or rewrite the Outcome of any match to change the Destination of the iconic trophy now my Team Canada did qualify this time around But what about fans of countries who Didn't yeah I appreciate you not naming Names part of the fun of experience in The World Cup in FIFA 23 is rewriting History you can swap in an additional 15 Nations that didn't qualify and take Them to glory in a custom tournament So what ways will the community be able To jump straight into a World Cup match This year they'll be able to step right Onto the pitch in a variety of ways Starting with featured quick play where You can choose a past or current match Date and play an authentic single player Fixture with real-life lineups against The CPU or a friend locally as well as Online quick play where you can play Against friends in an online match and Of course there's kickoff where you can Play a match against friends locally or Against the AI incredible now can we Just take a moment and call out how Amazing this is all looking that was a Big priority for us we wanted FIFA 23 to Live and breed the immersive World Cup Experience with Stadium dressings match Ball the iconic Trophy and two stadiums Including the venue for the final

There's also dedicated World Cup Commentary alongside visuals and Cinematics that get you closer to that Iconic atmosphere both stage is set and The glittering prize awaits in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final Now another one I know the community Will be excited about with this world Cup taking place during November and December what is that unlocked in FIFA Ultimate Team the timing of this year's Tournament has given us the opportunity To create a genuinely unique Ultimate Team World Cup experience it's going to Be a full season of daily content Including special player items Objectives and more so how is this Different from past World Cup Experiences in Ultimate Team unlike Previous years when the World Cup was a Standalone mode and Ultimate Team during The summer the FIFA 23 World Cup Experience will be intertwined with the Ultimate team squad you're already Building so players can continue Strengthening their squads and Progressing and what kind of World Cup Content can players expect throughout The month at its simplest ultimate team Is going to be living and breathing the World Cup there will be special World Cup limited time items that allow you to Bring upgraded players from your chosen Nation into your ultimate team squad and

Of course permanent World Cup campaign Items to strive for that will Immortalize the tournament's best Players across all nations in addition And heroes and icons who are World Cup Legends of their respective Nations will Be available and everyone will have ways To show off your fandom with nation kits And customization for your ultimate team Stadium it's all going to feel Seamlessly integrated with our entire World cup experience in FIFA 23. this All sounds amazing so for those keeping Score at home you're going to feel the Ultimate connection to the tournament Throughout FIFA 23 with authentic FIFA World Cup match day experiences and all 32 qualified nations in authentic online Custom and live tournament modes as well As special content in Ultimate Team We're excited for everyone to play in The World Cup free in FIFA 23 on November 9th [Music] Foreign [Music]

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