Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds DLC – First 15 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the first 15 minutes of Far Cry 6’s Lost Between Worlds DLC. The new expansion takes Dani Rojas to an otherwordly dimension filled with fractured worlds called rifts. Each rift contains a twisted area from Yara, teeming with dangerous enemies and surprises. Get a look at what’s in store in the opening moments of the new Far Cry 6 DLC in this Lost Between Worlds gameplay.

The Lost Between Worlds DLC will be available from December 6 as a standalone add-on purchase and as part of Far Cry 6’s Upgrade Pass. The expansion will be available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Luna, and it’s included in the Ubisoft+ subscription.

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Foreign Foreign Laughs Finger I'm dead You were I restored you even though you destroyed My vessel my knowledge Reservoir my home You crude contemptible insignificant Carpet-based life form home what are you A non-corporeal extraterrestrial Consciousness we have a name All I heard was faith Rudimentary fine I can tolerate being Called Faye until they unlock the Containment protocol unlock we're stuck Here No no no no no no Relax it will only be 5 million Earth Years until vessel assistance arrives Five million I got to do I need out Of here now What even is this place You're attracted an encasement created By a vessels containment protocol to Protect itself and a rift from the Outside world right the riffs Simulations of planetary phenomenon oh Forget it you wouldn't understand The point is your primitive weapon Fracture the risk rendering them Unfinterest day and tracking us here Together One single bullet broke your spaceship

Only because it was already damaged by The Landing five shards are missing from My vessel likely thrown in the rims lost Between Worlds So if I get the five shards from these Planetary simulation things Can you fix your ship and get us out of This encasement get the sharks eat that Meat side the containment protocol will Kill you inside Just Danny is fine Did you mess up my car as Revenge I wish That was the container for a call Completely I'm not staying here you revived me once You could do it again right maybe what Are these Goods fragmented energy from My vessel they have restorative Properties Go Morgan Iowa What an original idea and once the Vessel is repaired I can leave your Little planet this is a superb plan Where you'll find a shower Okay you first yes I could die in there Then who would restore you oh you're not Coming Good plan Holy you see a distorted Rift your Bullet scramble the simulations so this Is my fault yes anything is liable to Happen now Huh is that a weapon in that crate

Oh what's up with this gun normally the Rest simulate the outside world The story again great monsters What oh right Here got it Hey listen Match Apple color Foreign Energy Wondered if I could blow up that wall With something The portals will not be easy to work out Looks like an alien firing range I think I can handle it I hope you saw optimal intelligence can Handle that challenge I think I know how To push a button Thanks Foreign Better find the key Foreign You're right Don't want to waste any time with you Not falling to my death this time Foreign Nice Well this isn't exactly fourth keto is It Not falling to my death this time Foreign Foreign Did you know there would be invisible Short faces So yes yes I did I think I could get Through if I had some alien Tech By the way watch out for the pools of

Liquid fill my flesh off bones For science Oh Burns Better watch myself Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you Maybe a key could open up that shortcut Wow Foreign Thank you

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