Evil West – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

Foreign [Music] Menace consumes the American frontier Rise up to become a wild west superhero And eradicate the vampire threat that's Mine [Applause] [Music] Narrative driven action adventure you'll Battle through an explosive campaign Alone or with a friend as myths and Legends come alive He didn't see that coming [Music] Beasts and bloodthirsty creatures lurk In the shadows and there's Twisted Vision of the old west okay you play as Jessie rantier a vampire hunter raised By his father William in the ancient Rentier Institute my father in his Office he is the last line of defense Between humanity and the unrelenting Supernatural forces Jesse is already a Well-trained hunter Though he can be unpredictable Rebellious and stubborn Maybe you'll make it out of his after All fortunately you can always count on Your partner Edgar a retired rentier Agent forced back into action as a Deadly vampiric conspiracy emerges from The darkness and Deals a crippling Blow To The Institute Together you'll leave the counter-attack

Against these monsters while Jesse Learns to accept his growing Responsibilities and become a leader Explore every corner of the Wild West From vast oil fields to invested mines And mighty Canyons to shadowy ghost Towns As you progress on your journey you'll Encounter new friends vital for Bolstering your forces against the Vampire threat but even more new folks Still on your father's leech I say evil West is all about over-the-top high Octane actions God Combine and customize all the tools at Your disposal to defeat the supernatural Hordes with style and efficiency As you rebuild the Rancier Institute You'll unlock a growing arsenal of Weapons and equipment Make use of your trusty revolver for Fast and reliable damage and close to Mid-range With a rifle you can directly Target and Hit enemy weak spots for devastating Damage Bullseye Need more raw power You'll want to rent your Boomstick a Heavy hitting sawed-off shotgun ideal For close combat [Music] Unusual threats require unusual tools

Sometimes good lightning powered punches Just what you need The red tier Gauntlet is one of the most Advanced technological achievements from The Institute research laboratory today Jesus Christ what happened here there's A lot of deadly tools to try out in Battle it's up to you to mix and match These tools combined with melee and Ranged attacks to create powerful combos While dodging blocking and parrying your Weight Each weapon and Tool in Your Arsenal has Its own skill tree letting you upgrade And customize your play style even Further Infuse weapons with the power of Lightning or supercharger Gauntlet to Unleash an endless ballet of dazzling Punches Perfect The world of evil West is full of Mysteries to uncover and colossal foes To take on [Music] Whoa Become the ultimate vampire Hunter When evil West releases on consoles and PC [Music]

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