Evil West – Exclusive Co-Op Gameplay Trailer

Here’s your first look at Evil West’s co-op multiplayer in action. Join lead producer Tomasz Gop as he introduces us to the gory goodness of the game’s two-player online co-op campaign, showing off some of the enemies you’ll run into on your travels. When you hop into this third-person shooter with a friend, both players will play as brutal vampire hunter, Jesse, and only the host will progress through the story. From pummelling enemies with your fists to taking them down with huge guns, work together as a duo as you brave the bloodthirsty monstrosities that lurk nearby.

Evil West is coming to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One on November 22, 2022.

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[Music] Thank you How's it going everybody my name is Thomas Kopp I'm a lead producer at Flying Wild Hog working on evil West and Today we're stoked to give you a first Look at the game's Cooperative Multiplayer We have designed our game to be an Exciting old-school Gore smashing Vampire slashing single player action First and foremost still if you want to Enjoy the entire campaign with your Friend our two person online co-op has Got you covered if a West's Co-op is Simple and straightforward so both Players plays Jazzy and only the host Progresses the storyline on the other Hand the challenge grows and some Encounters have a slightly different Enemy composition to spice things up All right agents the entire Flying Wild Hawk team wishes you a splendiferous Trip to the weird West enjoy the Gameplay [Music] Foreign Foreign

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