ER Doctor Reacts to Dead Space Deaths

Come on okay I don't know what a machine Is meant to be used for not really sure Where to start with that hi everyone I'm Dr Navan Lina gay I'm an emergency Medicine registrar training in the UK so Today I've been asked to react to death Scenes from dead space one and two [Applause] Most Predators tend to know weak spots On their prey the neck of the hole is a Very vascular structure delivers blood From the heart to the brain eyes face Scalp so on there is something called The crafted sheath which is you have one On either side of your neck in the Carotid sheath you have one of the main Arteries coming up from the heart which Is the common carotid artery you've got A right and a left one either way they Are under high pressure so you do get a Lot of blood if you if you slice into Them and you'll eventually lose all your Circulating volume As for the head being ripped off so a Human body is actually quite a strong Strong structural rule so there's a lot Of muscles especially in the neck and You've got the spine that is quite a Strong structure surrounded by lots of Muscles and ligament so to rip someone's Head up it's actually quite difficult But we don't really know how well I Don't know how strong this Extraterrestrial being actually is or

Whatever it's meant to be Foreign I mean I feel like that was probably the Worst idea this protagonist has ever had The door is clearly not going to stop Opening and closing it's closing with a Very large Force so like I said the neck Is a very muscular structure you've also Got the cervical spine keeping your head Attached to your body that door does Look like it's closing with quite a Strong force so it's completely Plausible that that would kill this Person I find it difficult to believe That it would decapitate the person and The head would still be intact because Looking at the replay of that the head Is still intact within the helmet I Think if if it's going to be that strong To be able to take the head clean off it Would have completely crushed The Head And the helmet that's encasing it [Music] [Applause] So I'm starting to see a theme that this Game likes removing people's heads there Are three things happen in this clip one Well I basically say four things one There's the Fear Factor for this guy on The other side of the glass he's going To have a fight or flight response Fighter flies your sympathetic response Release of adrenaline makes heart rate Go up are your pupils dilate blood gets

Diverted away from organs that don't Need it so things like the digestive System won't get as much blood the idea Is to optimize you to either bite Whatever is coming towards you or to run Away from it now when he gets hit in the Hand that's an unrealistic amount of Blood if that hits his hand the hand Obviously does get a good supply of Bloods but the amount of blood that Comes out that probably unrealistic it Would be extremely painful for him Because whatever that thing fired at him It's gone through his hand and it's Fixed his hand to the glass so now he's Basically screwed it's then fired Something at the back around chest Height on the right hand side which is Actually probably had it not killed him Up about that were to kill him because Not straight away there are a number of Life-threatening injuries to the chest That we deal with in major trauma you Can get what we call a massive E-methorax which that that injury could Have caused so that is where you get Over a liter and a half of blood in your Chest from an injury to the chest Usually a penetrating injury if for Whatever reason he's able to get to an a E from the depths of space you've Probably got about 20 to 45 minutes of Life depending on how severe his his Life-threatening emergencies are but at

The end of the day that thing then fired One at his head and it blew up his head So he never had to deal with any of Those chest injuries uh because he died A much quicker way You got to keep in mind that the Forehead or the frontal boat very strong Bone and it's actually quite difficult To cause a fracture there the amount of Force to be able to break this part of Your of your skull is it requires a lot Although admittedly the last headbutt is A bit more coarse than what it sounds Like or looks like the other ones I Don't think he would have actually Broken that bone and also that wouldn't Be the cause of his death considering That the majority of his body is is Skinless don't even get me started on What you could see in his chest I'm Surprised he's he's standing there's Lots of things that would kill him but I Think the thing that actually did kill Him is probably the one that would have Killed him last [Music] Foreign That has gone through the back of his Mouth into most of his brain his brain Stem so he at that point he's dead he Would stop moving or if there were any Twitching it would happen then and there And then stop knocking afterwards that Arm or whatever it is is very big so

That would have ripped apart his draw But it didn't seem to in In that clip He's then been decapitated now to be Fair actually that going through the Back of his head that has then weakened His neck massively there is a tail light When you tear something if you've Already started tearing it it becomes a Lot easier to tear so decapitating into That point might not be that difficult Considering the amount of force that This alien is able to possess that's Understandable to a point there would be Lots of Bloods coming out of his neck Once his head's removed then there's Loads of penetrating injuries to the Chest at that point that's pretty Irrelevant she's already dead he is Twitching a lot which that's that Wouldn't happen the guy's been dead for Few seconds already the the body Wouldn't keep twitching up I'm I don't know what a machine is meant To be used for I'm just gonna put it out There I'm not sure what professional machine That's gonna going to do something very Delicate would say you know Cross My Heart Hope To Die stick a needle in your Right like what who designed that the What I found interesting about that clip Was in the background you can see a Screen and it's got its heart rate on it Now his heart rate going up is is very

Accurate that that is a so you could Tell on his face that he was very very Nervous anxious and your heart rate Would go up stuff by your flight Response sympathetic response so your Heart rate would go up very high and I Think the what the height that it goes Into the one quality is 150. that's Pretty accurate actually so if you Measure your heart rate when you when You're running or you will notice it Hardly it does go very high what I found Inaccurate was that his heart rate would Go went down quite often to a normal Resting heart rate it would stay that it Would stay high for the entire Raw Deal That machine then going into is base Not really sure where to start with that It hasn't gone into his forehead it's Gone through his eyes which is a bit of A weaker spot because in the back of his Eye socket there are gaps in the skulls To allow blood vessels and nerves such As your optic nerve to go through so it You know seeing as there is a bit of a Weakness you can break the skull there Yeah it's pretty pretty tough there Without a needle has gone through his Eye and into out the back of his head Like I'm not an ophthalmologist so I I've not done eye surgery ever but I Have seen thing about cataract it's a Very delicate surgery people are awake During it the equipment there to keep

The eye open is actually pretty accurate Because yes there is equipment that is Used to keep your eyelids open your Eyelids are very strong muscles but that That needle's gone through the cornea It's then gone through the pupils Through the retina so the guy's now Blind in that eye guaranteed what I then Saw on the screen is it said lateral Geniculate nucleus lgn which is an Anthumble structure involved in Vision But it is not a straight line behind the Eye I still cannot work out what this Machine's trying to do by the way the Lateral the LDN is is part of your optic Cut so it's part of your vision it Receives information from the retina by The optic nerve it then transmits it to The the part the brain processor's Vision to allow you to understand what You're seeing but it's not in a direct Straight line from your eye back to the Back of your head so this needle is Trying to get to that it's gone through A lot of other structures as well so This is effectively a penetrating injury To the brain which he shouldn't be able To get up from if he has then his entire Left side of his body is lightly Paralyzed when the needle comes out a Load of blood comes out there would also Be a lot of kind of oily Clear oily looking substance coming out That is the contents of the what we call

The globe so his his eye would Effectively Start to deflate as all this stuff falls Out of it Aware a lot of the injuries occur some Of them do correlate correctly with the Amount of blood you might you might lose And some of them do correlate with the Way that people do die and can die but Uh I I wouldn't call this realistic but Considering that that it seems clear From the name of the game that they're Trying to get more of the horror factor In and I think that they are Accomplishing that and they're actually Showing that in with the protagonist he Seems afraid and and they are getting Jump scares and all that so that that is Is pretty good and the way that they Show the sympathetic response to a lot Of people for example that that last Scene there there is some realism that Are not a lot and if you like that video Why not check out our doctor reacting to Some of the violence in until dawn Foreign

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