Enola Holmes 2 Director Talks About Its Biggest Reveals

Enola Holmes 2 included several major Holmes-ian reveals, including a unique twist on a classic villain. We talk to Enola Holmes 2 director Harry Bradbeer about these reveals and what they might mean for a possible sequel.

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Foreign [Music] Villainous character goes Um we certainly wanted to introduce them In a way they hadn't been we hadn't met Them before I thought it'd be very Interesting to make that character Female Um and Uh we thought when we came upon Sharon There was something in her that I had Been no I'd noticed for some time a Power that also was then revealed again In June I'd seen her work in her work in Television on the stage for quite a While but there was I'd seen her be able To play those very unassuming And quite Meek characters uh and in Comparison with Dune I could see that There was a range there that would be Great to exploit Can't control Anova homes she's a force Of nature well well we would like to Keep that as an option and it's fun to Leave things un untied in any event so Yeah there are some certainly some Possibilities for the future we'd have To find out what more we could make with The new characters that we've we've Conjured Um Sherlock has a as a friend now maybe A permanent flatmate and we could play With that you could play with with the Character of Watson and uh working along

The lines of his role as a as a writer What we call a lovely word a manuensis Someone who writes the thoughts of Another person Dan what would his role Be it would be similar but different as You've said you know in some ways this Is more of a traditional Sherlock Holmes Movie only in so far as you want the Mixture of the fresh and the expected And the traditional they know that's That's what the fun is in in Conjuring These You have to have your feet in both camps Being Finished I wonder who told you to fight like that Another thing our mother has to answer For [Music]

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