Drop Dead: The Cabin VR – Official Gameplay Trailer | Upload VR Showcase

Drop Dead: The Cabin VR tasks players to survive a night haunted with the undead. The Cabin you are stuck in is more than it seems, however, and holds many mysteries and powerful weapons for those brave enough to find them. Keep the generator running and wait for extraction by helicopter by any means necessary. Drop Dead: The Cabin VR will be released on Meta Quest 2 and Pico 4 on February 16, 2023.


Foreign [Music] Commander at Soul assembly and today I'm Going to be showing you the cabin a Brand new game in the drop dead universe The cabin is easy to play difficult to Master surviving the cabin is supposed To be challenging no two playthroughs Will ever be the same as objectives Encounters key locations and pickups are Remixed with each run you'll need to Collect invaluable fuel cells to keep The lights and communication systems Online along the way Foreign As you explore you will uncover the Cabin's Mysteries and come face to face With some nightmarish creatures grab Whatever weapons ammo and Equipment you Can find and fight through countless Waves of zombie Halls If you can keep the generator running Long enough the pilot will be able to Pinpoint your location and plan out your Extraction by helicopter [Music] You'll be able to head downstairs cabin For yourself in February 2023 but if you Can't wait that long why not join our Discord today and register to take part In some beta testing But wait there's more we're running an Extra special Christmas giveaway up Until the 25th of December where one

Lucky Discord winner will win a free Game daily So what are you waiting for [Music] [Music]

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